Friday, May 17, 2013

The Facebook

Facebook. That's this week 's topic. There are few social mainstream mediums that annoy me more than Facebook. I resisted getting one. Until it seemed (to me) that I should really have one for my blog if I hoped more people might click on something I wrote, and maybe even enjoy it and come back for more. A girl can dream, can't she?

So when I am asked to think about Facebook, I naturally think of MySpace. Yeah. I'm old, bitter and the mom of a toddler. I don't wear mom jeans, but I do live in the past.

Here's what I wrote a few months ago...

I loved MySpace once upon a time. I know, MySpace is OFN, old fucking news.

Then everybody got a Facebook page. Everybody. Even my parents. Everyone that is except the hubby and I. We abstained. Up until a few months ago, I didn't have a personal page. Nor did I want one.

I don't always do things everyone else does. If it all. I'll admit I'm a conformist in many ways. I get up everyday and go to work. I pay bills. I'm married. I have a kid. I drive a car. I recycle. I bring my own bags to the grocery store. I'm a consumer. Yawn. You get the picture. The thing is I want to do all those things. I don't want to be on Facebook. The only 2 awesome things about MySpace becoming obsolete was getting my time back and that it forced me to stop the over sharing. MySpace was a super fun time suck, and I didn't need a boring time suck.

Except now I do. I need to learn things and to promote things and I'm gonna need a fucking Pen name. So now I have them. A pen name and  a Facebook account. It is just a boring MySpace. It reveals way to much about me and constantly "suggest" people to friend, things to "like" and asks me to tell you were I am. Annoying.

It makes me worry about when Animal grows up. Social media is a crazy beast that thankfully I didn't have to think about maneuvering until I was an adult. It's a whole different world for our children. I hope I can teach him wisely and that he doesn't hate me too much for all the policing I'll inflict, the limits I'll set. I think of Facebook now as a necessary evil (and okay it's also a little funner than thought), and a new parental responsibility in my future.

What do you think about Facebook?

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  1. I too had resistance. And now I throw tantrums and delete the account. I think you will find it a great way of networking and marketing the blog though. Lots of luck!

  2. I wonder if Facebook will still be a thing when our kids are grown. I really don't see G+ taking off, like, ever.

    1. There will probably be something new, and poor G+ it is not going to happen. Even with all the nifty toys and even though they kind of ram it down your throats. Maybe that's their problem. They didn't get the memo, ppl like feeling like they pick the product not like they're mindless sheep getting the next cool thing. Steve Jobs obviously didn't share any secrets with them...

  3. I'm worried about what will be around if/when I have kids also. Social media + kids = scared me

  4. I miss MySpace so hard it hurts me emotionally.

    I mean, that shit was like FB, Twitter, AND a Blog all in one spot. With pictures.


    You could piss your friends off by rearranging the Top Eight. Fun times.

  5. Raising my hand...never had a MySpace account - and Google+ boggles me how it is anything but annoying. But Facebook and I have an illicit love going on. Sorry.

    1. Hahaha, I guess MySpace and I did too. I just never got over it. I didn't get closer at the end.

  6. I've never been on My Space so I guess I don't really have anything to compare it to. My mom insisted I get on Facebook so she could see pics of the grandkids more easily. I wouldn't say I'm addicted to it, but I waste too much time on there, that's for sure!