Thursday, July 25, 2013


This weeks topic..."If I had infinite wishes..."

I feel this is kind of cheating. This is just too perfect. On the other hand it did put a smile on my face just thinking of what to write.

If I had infinite wishes, everyone would follow the golden rule.

There would be no such thing as homelessness, hunger, disease, addiction, murder, rape, genocide, racism, greed, mental illness, westboro baptist church, war, right wing/left wing fanatics, pedophiles, autism, thin lips, pancake asses and little dicks. (I needed to lighten the mood after that list).

It would be within every one's reach attain the "American Dream", no matter where they live, no matter who they are.

With all those important things out of the way. We could rid ourselves of reality TV. All liquor would have calorie burning powers and be chalk full of vitamins, and antioxidants. Kids would all sleep 10-12 hrs a night and nap. Houses would clean themselves. Healthy, delicious meals would cook themselves. Clothes would launder, iron and hang themselves. Furry family members would be healthy and live as long as we did. Cars would run on dust, or lint, or trash. We would treat mother nature with the respect she deserves. Schools would be free and be places of learning, always, everywhere. No one would judge any one. People that didn't want children/weren't ready for kids wouldn't have "accidents", people who wanted to be parents would all have children.

I could go on and on. If only I had infinite wishes...

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Monday, July 22, 2013

100 Mile Challenge, Week 3

It's been a really awesome week.

Cardio Trainer (love this app)

Something happened this week. Something I find fascinating. When you run, or do anything really, that is beyond your minds grasp of what is "possible" for you. There is this conversation your mind starts having with you.

For me, with running,  it goes something like this:

Mind: You can't do this. You've never done it before. You're just not strong enough. 

Me: I want this. I think I can do it. Maybe I really can't. I never have before.

Mind: That's right. You never have. You're legs aren't strong enough. Feel that? It's your quads. They aren't strong enough. Your legs feel like cement. How are you going to keep this up. You'll never finish this lap. You should just stop now.

Me: My legs do feel heavy. I think my knee hurts. (tries to concentrate on knee, feels a little sting) yeah, my knee definitely hurts. What if I injure myself. What will I do then.

Mind: Stop now. You can't do it.

Me: Just this lap. I've gone further. Maybe I can just finish another minute. Then I'll stop.

Mind: okay, you can do a minute more. 

Minute passes. 

Me: I can finish this lap.

Mind: Maybe. (quieter)

Me: I can do this I can finish another mile.

Mind: okay (whisper). 

Mind starts to wander. Looks at sky. Thinks about Animal. About writing. Lap passes.

Me: I can do this.

Mind: Yes, you can. You can do this. Do this.

It's a really strange thing. One moment your mind is tearing you down. Weakening you at your core. During those moments if you just buy yourself an extra minute. Another lap. You show yourself you can go a little further than you thought possible. And that quiets yourself doubt. You show yourself that you CAN do it. If you just keep going. If you don't give up. If you just give yourself a chance. And your mind? It comes right along for the ride, and starts to cheer you on.

Mind: You've done this before. You've done more than this. Don't stop now. You're best moment is just a few feet away. You can do ANYTHING. Don't stop now.

It's an amazing feeling. I don't ever get tiered of reaching that moment.

That's what this challenge has been like for me. Now that I have 26 miles left, it seems completely within my reach. I just have to keep going. 

If there's anything you want out there, that your mind says isn't for you, just remember you only need another minute. Just a few more feet. Just another mile. It's yours. Your mind knows it, even if you don't. It just wants you to fight for it. Just a little. 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Top Ten Today

Ten Things of Thankful

Top 10 Things I'm thankful for right now.

10. Vodka Tonics. Oh shit, that's the same thing I was thankful for the last time first time I linked up. What can I say? Sometimes mommy needs a little something extra to unwind.

9. My Job. Not only do I get to do something I love, in a field I love, but I get paid to do it. Sometimes it's very stressful. Always, I regret not spending the day with Animal, but if it wasn't for my job we honestly couldn't make ends meet. Stability, security, those are important things for a child and thanks to my job I can help provide that for my son. Not to mention feeling appreciated, valued, and getting some adult interaction.

8. My Mom. She watches Animal for me while I am at work. Because she is able to do this for me, I am able to have peace of mind all day. When he was a little baby I trusted her more than myself to provide what he needed. Now that I have grown as a parent, that has changed. What hasn't changed, is my believe that if he can't be with Mom or Dad there's no place better than Grandma's.

7. Costco. How could we afford to keep a well stoked home without it? I'm sure I don't know.

6. My health. The hubby and Animal (mostly the hubby) have been seriously under the weather. I on the other hand have been able to take care of them and myself. Thank you God for my health.

5. Writing. As always, whether I write a lot or a little. Whether it is read by 1 or 10 people, it provides a solace. An outlet. A peace.

4. Running. For the time alone. For the strength. For the self pride. Thank you.

3. Finding time, energy and desire to be intimate with my spouse. It's so easy for me to let this one go. I don't know why. It feels so good to keep it going. Not only physically, but mentally to feel connected and desired. It's a good thing. I don't want to lose. I just saw Hope Springs, I just don't want that to be us. Ever. Unless it's at the end of the movie...

2. Friends. All kinds. Old, new, distant, acquaintances, tweeps, and bloggy friends. They all have something to offer and I have something to give.

1. Animal. Oh, as much as he wears me out. As much as I whine and complain. As much as I joke about turning to alcohol. I wouldn't ever want to be without that cute mischievous grin. Those dimples. That curly hair. Oh how I love that little boy. Thank you Lord for blessing me. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013


Products I love!

Here are the top ten products I love now, and since becoming a mom. I wouldn't want to be without any of these.

10. My Laptop. When I was in school, I was so envious of the students typing out their notes. Way faster and neater than handwriting especially if your handwriting looks like mine. When I started this blog, I spent so much time at our desk. The hubby missed me, I jokingly said that he should buy me a laptop. On Black Friday he did. Oh My Gawd, I love this thing so much. 

9. Our Motorola video monitor. We bought it when Animal started climbing out of his crib. I wish we had bought it when he was a baby. If your pregnant, register for it. You don't need a Bumbo seat n tray, our giant beautiful Chicco Stroller, the regular monitor. With that money you could buy a video monitor.

8. Cell Phone Apps. Especially Cardio Trainer, Weight Watchers,, Twitter, and My Days X. 

7. Starbucks Via. If you can't get to okay in my case can't afford. Money or Calorie wise... Starbucks, this is the shit. It's so tasty. Warning you can't go back to instant after this.

6. Captain Morgan Light Spiced Rum. I'm a sad sad girl when I don't have this in my liquor cabinet. Makes the BEST Cuba Libres. 

5. Harthill Farms Cabernet. You can read my review here.

4. Cliff Mojo bars. I love nutritional bars. They make great meal replacements or the perfect snack on a long hike. Cliff Mojo, Honey Roasted Peanut is so good. Even the hubby loves it, and he hates when I hand him a bar.

3. Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. Best sleep training book ever. It's my bible. Don't take my word for it read amazon reviews.

2. Happy baby/Happy tot organic fruit/veggie squeeze packs. I don't feel guilty for not preparing a healthy meal when I have one (or two) of these bad boys in the diaper bag. Animal loves them.

1. My Medela breast pump. As a working mom, I would have never been able to EBF without it.

I hope I help you find something you'll love. 
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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Week 2, 100 mile challenge

I'm doing this thing.

So this is it, week two. Only two to go...

Are you wondering how it went? Well, this week was easier in some ways.

I'm getting used to hearing my alarm ring. Every. Fucking. Morning. For one thing.

It's fun to see the miles add up and to know I'm getting closer and closer to my goal.
I feel healthy and strong. Even a little sexy.

It's also harder in other ways.

Like I get up at 5 am everyday, but my day doesn't slow down in anyway. Even though I have more energy to handle certain things, I also don't have enough time for others.

Like writing.

I used to write at night while hanging out with the hubby. But lately I start getting drowsy at 7:30-8 o clock. No surprise to anyone that knows me, including of course my husband. That means that I have to choose.

Spend time and effort in my marriage or on my hobby. I know a marriage takes work. I love ours. So I choose to put my energy (what little I may have) there.

I also have less time to get myself, or the multitude of stuff that I usually do for me and my family, done in the morning.

Like eating my breakfast vs. wolfing it down.

Putting on make up vs some erase paste under my eyes and maybe some chapstick on my lips.

Packing us all lunches vs. packing them for my boys and I relying on the Think Thin bars I have stached in my classroom cabinet at work.

Or writing at 5 am, in blessed silence. Just me, my thoughts and my laptop

It's only for this one month. So is it worth it?

Today. This morning. It is.
This is what week two looked like.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Superest Superhero

I love Superheroes!  When I was a kid I watched all the Superman movies,  Super Girl, and Batman. On t.v. I watched, The Incredible Hulk, Wonder Woman, The Bionic Man (does he count?), and all the cartoons, Spiderman, Batman, X-Men, Superman, The Tick, She-ra, He-Man, and The Teenage Mutant Turtles to name a few.

As a kid we spent days playing make believe Superhero games. I can't wait for Animal to be old enough that we can play our own superhero games. We would name ourselves and our powers. I loved controlling the weather. I'm not sure why, but when I got older and saw Storm, I was in love. As a teenager I collected cards and some comic books, so that I could spend hours copying the beautiful illustrations. I love to read, I love art, so of course I love graphic novels.

I was sure I knew my favorite Superhero. The Superest Superhero of course, is Superman.

Because, he's handsome. Strong. Humble. Just. Loyal. Kind, and his alter ego is funny in a corny way. Being as I am just not that funny I find that irresistibly charming.

The only Batman I could find to snap a picture of

One of the things the hubby and I have in common is our love of superheroes. Like me, it is deeply cemented into our childhood. Though the hubby's stems from Batman The Animated Series, and the comics he collected. We go and see virtually every superhero movie that comes out. Sometimes we love them, sometimes we don't. 
The hubby has nostalgic love for Superman, but he doesn't agree with my adoration. 

His favorite is Batman. Because, he's got the best story, he doesn't have super powers, and he's  driven by vengeance. He's dark, has an alter ego and he can be killed. Superman is awesome because he's not human, Batman has had to work to be the bad ass he is. 
It's a compelling argument, I have to admit. 
The movie I'm waiting for is based on Kingdom Come. Have you read that one? It's a series that features Superman and Batman in their twilight years. If you're into comics, you should check it out.
Superheroes are awesome. They pull from real life. What we wish we could do. Our desire to be amazing and better than human. We love sharing this love with Animal, it'll be even more fun when he starts to know what we're talking about. For now I take it as a win that he loves his Spiderman gear...

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Monday, July 8, 2013

100 Mile Mom Challenge

Last Monday, July First, Denise from Go Cheap Go Home invited me to join her, in the July 100 mile mom challenge. The goal is to move 100 miles in 31 days. According to the website you can run, walk, or crawl. But the goal is to move your ass everyday. Every. Day. 

Once upon a time, I would have jumped at this kind of venture. Not so much since becoming a mom. I'm happy just to be out there. Just to be running. Just to day dream about when I felt invincible. 

I had a slow month in June, and felt like my heal needed a break. Then my running partner went on vacation. I was averaging 18 miles a week about 72 miles a month for the 3 months prior to June. Then with the time I took off in June, I didn't even run 60. But I love a challenge, and the thing is that July is the month to start stepping it up. I have some big goals for the half in October. So this sounded like a great idea. 

Here's my week...

So this wasn't a huge jump, I'm just running the length of my short run day. I'm not running any long runs, but I'm also not taking any days off. I'm out of my comfort zone, and I'm both a little scared and very excited.

What if I can't do it. 

It says I can walk. I walk 2-5 miles 5 days a week. That's just for funsies, I always do that. That's not a challenge. I would feel like a failure if I had to use any walking miles to complete the challenge. 

One week down. Three to go. I'll post about it here, in case you want to cheer me on...

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Unicorns Fart Glitter

Domestic Pirate
Click this link to view more

The three things that make my heart happiest right now this minute as I type this are:

1. My little family. My little love bug, who wears me out. Every. Day. Also my big love bug, who supports my personal endeavors, goals and dreams. Who listens to me, and loves me (almost always).

2. My new running challenge. Thanks to Denise at Go Cheap Go Home for turning me on to this. It's just what I need to add a little pep in my step. You can check it out on HERE, the goal is to run 100 miles in July. I'm stoked! I'll be writing a weekly post about it.

3. The drinks I'm gonna have this weekend. On this four day weekend I'm about to start tomorrow. Four days to hang with my son in a row! I'm so excited. I'll be worn out by the end. That kid just doesn't stop. He's so fun. I love being a Mom. It's even harder than I ever imagined AND simultaneously more wonderful than I ever dreamed.