Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Unicorns Fart Glitter

Domestic Pirate
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The three things that make my heart happiest right now this minute as I type this are:

1. My little family. My little love bug, who wears me out. Every. Day. Also my big love bug, who supports my personal endeavors, goals and dreams. Who listens to me, and loves me (almost always).

2. My new running challenge. Thanks to Denise at Go Cheap Go Home for turning me on to this. It's just what I need to add a little pep in my step. You can check it out on HERE, the goal is to run 100 miles in July. I'm stoked! I'll be writing a weekly post about it.

3. The drinks I'm gonna have this weekend. On this four day weekend I'm about to start tomorrow. Four days to hang with my son in a row! I'm so excited. I'll be worn out by the end. That kid just doesn't stop. He's so fun. I love being a Mom. It's even harder than I ever imagined AND simultaneously more wonderful than I ever dreamed.