Wednesday, September 25, 2013

You Cannot Beat The Television

You cannot beat the television.
The television, television.  -OK GO

I've been a couch potato for as long as I can remember.

Scooby Doo, Sesame Street, Burgugas (Mexican show in the 80's, you can YouTube) are some of my earliest childhood memories.

I can name a lot of other cartoons, children's shows. I can spend whole days in bed doing nothing except zoning out to whatever strikes my fancy. 

I really, really wanted to avoid that for my son. I had a plan. No TV till two, then limited screen time from then on. 

Well we all know how that turned out, right? You don't? Read it here, I'll wait.

So I spent a lot of time beating myself up (as did the hubby) then I made peace with it. At home he gets 20-30 minutes Monday through Friday. On weekends as little as nothing (except Football ALL Sunday, not that he cares. Unless we cheer, then he cheers too. Epic cuteness) Or maybe a family movie we try to watch. He'll pay attention to pieces, but I can't say he watches. At my moms, I don't know how much he gets to watch. When he starts school in just a few weeks it will drop dramatically as he'll be at Grandma's two days less a week. I think we'll be just fine. 

In the meantime we have found two shows approved by both the hubby and I that we LOVE.

My Number 1 pick, Super Why! (the hubby's #2)

Art work by me, no not a 7 year old

This show is awesome. I love the reading readiness, the message it sends and "Hip Hip Hooray (the super readers saved the day)". No matter if Animal paid attention to the episode or not (but almost always yes) he starts dancing and throws his arms up in the air. I love it. I especially love the idea that if you have a problem you can't figure out, you can find the answer by reading a book. It's the same message he'll be getting from me his whole life, because when I don't know something that's how learn about it. 

My Number 2 pick, Team Umi Zoomi (the hubby's #1)

It's such a fun show. Completely age appropriate. Fun with shapes, counting, and patterns. Math skills are super important and this is a great show to get your preschoolers mind engaged. I also like the music in this one. 

Animal also likes:

 Peppa Pig (harmless, age appropriate and fun)
Yo Gabba Gabba (lots of fun, musical, my favorite song; Don't Bite Your Friends)
Bubble Guppies (learning, music, and funny. I like this one too, the hubby can't get over fins)

I can't stand Dora the Explorer. I just can't.

The hubby can't stand Ni Hao Kia-Lan. I was sad about that one, because I think it's cute and Animal likes it. He (the hubby) doesn't like it because he thinks the characters are whiny and that after they're whiny and pout, they get what they want. I don't always agree, but they are whiny. 

I still watch TV.  A lot compared to some. 

Compared to my old self however, I'm down 50-70% a week. The only day the TV is on all day now is Sunday, but when the football season ends that will change. I'm pretty happy with that.

How about you? 

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Ten Awesome Things...

Ten Things of Thankful

10. A strong, loving husband. Last Sunday I had this terrible piercing pain shoot up from my right foot and up my leg. It was too painful to put any weight on it. I cried, crawled around, and the hubby was kind enough to carry me. I am so thankful he is strong enough to lift me, and kind enough to do so.

9. Friends. My wonderful friend, I used to call nursing student, but now I'll call her Nurse (because she is now an RN), was kind enough to drive me to and from the doctor's office and to and from my mom's so Animal could be looked after. While I was looked after. She also kept me company and made the whole 3 hrs (I ended up needing x-rays too) fly by.

8. My mom. She watches Animal Mon-Fri, and because she can and is willing to do so, I can have peace of mind all day. Occasionally when situations like this arise, I don't have to wonder how I will contain, watch over or chase my little guy. For that (and everything else a good mother does) I will be eternally grateful.

7. Paid sick time. Man, what those days and the knowledge that my misfortune need not be my families financial worry, mean to me. Is hard to express. I wish everyone was so fortunate.

6. Health Insurance. Not having to freak out about how I will pay to see a doctor, or sweat it when she sends me to get an x-ray is a wonderful feeling. Not waiting a day, or two, or more wondering if it's something serious is something I treasure. I wont lie, I feel equally guilty that some people don't have that luxury. I can't believe using that word, luxury, is appropriate. 

5. That it was only a sprain, and not a fracture. No walking (for exercise, or for fun) for 2 weeks. No squats for the same amount of time. Here's the one that puts a lump in my throat. No running for 6 weeks. No Half marathon in October. The kicker? I'll have to start squat challenge over from scratch. I was on day 22, I had done 185 squats that day. More than half way done. Also, I'll be back to 2 miles tops for a while and have to work my way back up. All the while being scared of getting hurt. I've been there, done that with other injuries. It sucks. Still, it's only a sprain. Only 6 weeks, and I'll be walking and squatting sooner...

4. My bloggy/Twitter friends. Once again, thanks to you all. I feel hopeful and not so depressed. The jokes and well wishes make me feel ready to jump back and kick ass!

3. Instagram. This social outlet has been inspiring me left and right to do better. Be better. Focus and recharge. I'll be sharing more on this in an upcoming post.

2. Pictures. Does it ever boggle your mind how quickly you can capture a moment and hold it forever? I love photography. I always have. Now with our digital cameras, and our smart phones you never have to miss a moment. When my son was born we took so many pictures. When I want to relive any of it I just open the scrapbook, my phone, or the look through the prints. It's beautiful and amazing.

1. Life. Getting to live it. Getting to share it. Praise God that I am lucky enough to be here. Thank you.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Goals, Lofty & Not

Goal -noun 
1. the result or achievement toward which effort is directed; aim; end.

We all have goals. Some that we share, others we keep close to our chest.  This month, in the coming months and in the next year I have somethings I'll be working on.

Peach Protein Pancakes
1. Cook more. Eat clean. I've been working on this one for years. I have a feeling that it will be a life long pursuit. Unless I won the lottery tonight. Then, I may be buying expensive stuff from the deli at Whole Foods. Something I rarely do because it cost the same as going out to dinner, except I still have to do dishes.

I was selling tickets to a gun show
2. I sprained my foot. So my mission to be a ripped bitch has been side lined. No running for 6 weeks. Have I mentioned I love to drink? The only time I take a drinking hiatus is when I'm training. I love dessert. I love cheesy things. I love pumpkin things. (We're just about to kick off the eating lots of delicious things season) I need to workout. I need to kick it up about 10 notches and I needed it a year ago. Now the goal is to not gain any of the weight I've worked so hard to loose this year. Then I wanna see this girl again...

3. Write more. Write for money. So that one, I can call myself a writer and answer the questions such a statement brings up. Two, I can add money to Animal's college fund.  What ever I can add the better of we'll all be. 

Write about the things I love. Being a mom. Fitness. Health. My family. Drinking, and eating.

Here's a nice little graphic of some good times

4. Finish school. I've enrolled in school, met with a counselor and it turns out that it's completely possible to graduate with a part time schedule by the time Animal graduates from preschool. Right now, that is exactly what I need.

5. Be the best mom, wife and me I can be. 

Sometimes I'll fall way short. As long as I'm trying. As long as my efforts, aim and the end is insight. I'll be proud of myself. Chances are I'll be getting closer to my goals, if I just keep trying. One tiny step at a time...

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fall Puts A Smile On My Face

Fall is my favorite time of the year. Just knowing Fall is officially here in a few days puts a smile on my face. I can't think of anything I don't like about fall. The weather, the food, the holidays, short days and long nights are all wonderful.

My love for the Fall season started when I was a kid. Fall meant the beginning of a new school year. To me it means a fresh start and fun times ahead. Every school year I was ready for acing the year. Making new friends, and reconnecting with old ones. Meeting new teachers and getting smarter and older.

The weather in the South Bay in autumn is outstanding. There are a few unseasonably hot days, so you get one last chance to wear favorite summer outfits and sandals. Crisp mornings perfect for running. Lots of perfect sunny days so that you can walk and hike. Falling leaves, colorful leafs, beautiful trees everywhere. 

Pumpkins. Pumpkins of plenty, everywhere you look. Big ones, little ones. Orange or white. For decorations and for treats. I would argue that pumpkin could be put in anything and make it better. Pumpkin is like my bacon. Pie, pancakes, muffins, bagels, milk shakes, cookies and coffee of course. All are special to my taste buds. It's probably the only time of year I love to cook. True I don't make the Thanksgiving dinner. I do however make a pumpkin cheesecake and a killer cranberry sauce.

3 months of holidays ( I know Christmas is in the winter but we start celebrating the day AFTER Thanksgiving). My sons birthday is in the fall. I love that. Then Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's the most wonderful time of the year!

I am an early to bed, early to rise girl. It is not uncommon for me to be asleep by 8. It makes me a rather odd bird to most people and I hate going to bed when the sun is up. Also much to other people's surprise I would like to sleep in. 6:30 to 7 is a much better time to wake up in the morning. If only the sun wasn't up so darn early. In the fall it isn't. So on the odd night I'm up till midnight I'm still getting 6 hours of sleep, more sleep than I did when Animal was a baby. Also, on those fore mentioned unseasonably warm days it cools down faster than mid summer. So you can enjoy your evening to. Jacket free but without sweltering heat while trying to catch some zzz.

 Plus I think autumn is just inherently romantic. It's a wonder everyone doesn't have a summer birthday...

Every one loves the fall right?

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Es Que?

Es Que?

Guys. Animal is 22 months. Almost two years. I can't believe how fast the time has come and gone. He's huge. More than half my height. I still think of him as a baby. Not just because he can barely use a spoon with any real proficiency, and not just because he's my baby. 

It's mostly because his verbal skills are still not what Baby Centers emails lead me to believe is "normal". 

I'm not as freaked out as I used to be about all this. 

Animal is almost two, and two year olds, I know. I know them well. 

Animal 's vocabulary is not very big. At this point he has 10 words/phrases. He says: Hola, Hello, Bye, No, Oh no, Car, Ball, Es Que? (that's: that what? in English) On ta? (instead of Donde Esta? (where is it? in English).  Hi-ya (as in K is for karate kick; hi-ya)

That doesn't worry me the way is used to. I have had so many two year olds that only say No. Or Mom. Or wah wah (for water)  in Sept/Oct when they start the school year and by the end of the year you wouldn't have known they started with less words that their peers. 

I'm actually feeling pretty confident that he'll be fine and that by his second birthday he'll have about 2 dozen words. He understands a lot. In English and Spanish. If anything I'm worried that he'll lose the Spanish as English becomes more and more the predominate language. I find that I try to speak more and more Spanish as we get closer and closer to starting preschool. I'll be pushy like my parents were about him keeping up his other native tongue. 

So funny how I went from feeling like a crappy mom because my son hardly had a word, to being super scared he'll lose his bilingual status in the next few years. 

Growing up I didn't realize how important it was that I spoke, read and wrote in Spanish. Now I can't express how fearful I truly am that he wont share those skills with his grandparents, me or his extended family. 

Now as an adult I can appreciate what my parents gave up coming to the United States. 

I can't imagine leaving everything you know to go to another country, in hopes that your offspring will have more opportunity's than you could offer them in your own land. Can you fathom it?

I've never asked my parents if they realized they would create these hybrid children. Who speak another language, identify with a different culture, and are like strangers. Even more so than is the natural scheme of things as children grow into adolescents and into adulthood.  Literally not speaking the same language as your children?

That's too deep for me today. 

We'll talk about that another day. 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Difference between a Butt and an Ass

The hubby has been on my case to open an Instagram for weeks now. I think because he's secretly jealous of my Twitter following (compared to his. Not because I'm a juggernaut or anything) and wants to have more followers than me (somewhere) again. After dragging my feet on the whole thing because I'm on social media overload as it is I finally opened one a few weeks ago.

What have I found?

Well besides a few IRL friends, I have found: cats, dogs, food, fashion, aaaannnddd fit girls. Have I mentioned how badly I want to be a fit girl again ? I'm inspired and re-energized! I got really lazy after the 100 mile challenge. I couldn't get my ass out of bed in the morning. My warm comfy bed. It is still my dream to be an athletic woman someday. As I've mentioned before, I will never be a skinny girl, but a toned, sexy, fit girl? Hell yes I can! Hard work. That's all it takes.

These ladies post a ton of pictures. Not just of their toned bodies. They show you their workouts. Correct form. What they're eating and post encouraging words. I am so inspired. I'm ready to have a new mentality.

The last few months have been hard on me. I've been up and down the same 3 lbs all summer. 138-141. On the one hand I kind of don't care. I'm wearing a lot of pre baby clothes. I look in the mirror and I like what I see. A "normal" woman. The hubby? He's a happy guy. That makes me BTW, a super happy wife. So there doesn't seem to be a lot of motivation for me to step away from the cocktails.

Except when I take my clothes off. My gut (can't call them abs without laughing), legs and under arms are less than okay. I have been having this inner dialogue. A dialogue that says: I'm 35, and a mom. This is as good as it gets. It's cool. Get over your self.

Instagram and the fabulously fit women on it are changing my mind. Not totally. Maybe it's time to give up on the idea of weighing a buck twenty five. However maybe, just maybe I can tone up and be truly fit at this weight. I have shifted my focus. Of course I still plan to run. I love running and hope to be at it until I'm OLD OLD OLD. Maybe it's time to focus on getting strong. Not maybe. It is time. And I'm ready.

I found a challenge. This girl is fucking amazing. You can follow her @cctchickentuna. I'm on day 17 of this challenge and I'm loving it. The hubby has started buying me panties again. I feel great.

The wheels in my mind are turning, my imagination is racing. I feel like a jack in the box ready to pop from the anticipation of just doing it and the self satisfaction I'll get as a reward at the end. Self satisfaction and a nice ass, that's really it's own reward isn't it?

Here's the Challenge:

I'm not getting any younger, and you know what?

It's not fun, getting older. It sucks that we put on weight, when our calories in, to our calories out have not changed. We eat the same number of really yummy dinners. Drink the same number of wine glasses with dinner and the same number beers on Football Sunday. But our jeans get tighter. Even though we run the same number of miles, maybe more.

There are little lines on my face I don't remember ever seeing before. More than a grey hair. My skin is loosing it's youthful glow. Or so it sometimes feels. You know when it doesn't feel that way? When you set a physical challenge and then you work hard to meet it.

You wanna know the best part? Everyday that you get up a little earlier, or find that time in your busy day to say; "Right now, in this moment, it's about me. It's about me and this amazing thing called life. Right now I'm respecting me, my body and my soul's need for my mind and body to work together". You'll feel at peace with yourself, because you'll know it's true.

Digging deep in my in my well, for the desire to be my best self, is hard. It hurts and it doesn't come easy. Every time I do it any way. Every. Time. I feel good. I never finish a work out and think, well that was a big waste of time. Never.

When it's over I have an incredible sense of accomplishment, and that's good for one's health. As is the strengthening of ones body. It strengthens your mind too. So let's do it! Who's in?