Sunday, September 22, 2013

Ten Awesome Things...

Ten Things of Thankful

10. A strong, loving husband. Last Sunday I had this terrible piercing pain shoot up from my right foot and up my leg. It was too painful to put any weight on it. I cried, crawled around, and the hubby was kind enough to carry me. I am so thankful he is strong enough to lift me, and kind enough to do so.

9. Friends. My wonderful friend, I used to call nursing student, but now I'll call her Nurse (because she is now an RN), was kind enough to drive me to and from the doctor's office and to and from my mom's so Animal could be looked after. While I was looked after. She also kept me company and made the whole 3 hrs (I ended up needing x-rays too) fly by.

8. My mom. She watches Animal Mon-Fri, and because she can and is willing to do so, I can have peace of mind all day. Occasionally when situations like this arise, I don't have to wonder how I will contain, watch over or chase my little guy. For that (and everything else a good mother does) I will be eternally grateful.

7. Paid sick time. Man, what those days and the knowledge that my misfortune need not be my families financial worry, mean to me. Is hard to express. I wish everyone was so fortunate.

6. Health Insurance. Not having to freak out about how I will pay to see a doctor, or sweat it when she sends me to get an x-ray is a wonderful feeling. Not waiting a day, or two, or more wondering if it's something serious is something I treasure. I wont lie, I feel equally guilty that some people don't have that luxury. I can't believe using that word, luxury, is appropriate. 

5. That it was only a sprain, and not a fracture. No walking (for exercise, or for fun) for 2 weeks. No squats for the same amount of time. Here's the one that puts a lump in my throat. No running for 6 weeks. No Half marathon in October. The kicker? I'll have to start squat challenge over from scratch. I was on day 22, I had done 185 squats that day. More than half way done. Also, I'll be back to 2 miles tops for a while and have to work my way back up. All the while being scared of getting hurt. I've been there, done that with other injuries. It sucks. Still, it's only a sprain. Only 6 weeks, and I'll be walking and squatting sooner...

4. My bloggy/Twitter friends. Once again, thanks to you all. I feel hopeful and not so depressed. The jokes and well wishes make me feel ready to jump back and kick ass!

3. Instagram. This social outlet has been inspiring me left and right to do better. Be better. Focus and recharge. I'll be sharing more on this in an upcoming post.

2. Pictures. Does it ever boggle your mind how quickly you can capture a moment and hold it forever? I love photography. I always have. Now with our digital cameras, and our smart phones you never have to miss a moment. When my son was born we took so many pictures. When I want to relive any of it I just open the scrapbook, my phone, or the look through the prints. It's beautiful and amazing.

1. Life. Getting to live it. Getting to share it. Praise God that I am lucky enough to be here. Thank you.


  1. I'm just really glad your ankle injury wasn't worse. Thank you for sharing such an awesome list of Thanks with us - it's amazing how even something as negative as an injury can serve to highlight our blessings, and the ones on your list are brilliant, especially the way your family and friends have rallied round you to help.

    Glad the internet's proving a handy distraction to you, and I LOVE your #1 - absolutely perfect. Thank you for writing it so gorgeously and sharing it with us.

  2. I'm glad it didn't end up being worse. Some sprains are actually worse than a break and can take longer to heal. Hope it gets better quickly.

    1. Thanks, I think it will. I'm feeling so much better already, today is day 8

  3. Oh, that really, really stinks about the ankle and missing the race. I gave myself a really bad sprain in March, and it really is best to follow the rules to keep from reinjuring it. You will be back before you know it.
    I've been getting into Instagram more, too. Twitter, I refuse, but Instagram, I'm all over. I so enjoy seeing everyone's photos.
    It sounds like you are very blessed, surrounded by people who love you and are happy to take care of you when you need them.

    1. I am blessed.

      I saw some of your pictures on your post. Beautiful

  4. I hope your ankle heals up quickly and that you're not in pain for long. Sorry you had to miss the race.

  5. Sorry about having to miss the half-marathon. Hope you heal quickly!

  6. Total bummer about your ankle and missing the race, BUT, very happy it wasn't as bad as it could've been and you'll be back in action soon! Inspired by YOU, and the other gals on twitter, I've started the squat challenge today! YAY MY BUTT! I actually do an amazing boot camp each Tues/thurs, but my problem is I'm completely and totally sedentary the rest of the week, and I haven't been eating great to boot. Things are starting to droop. So my goal is to move more. Last week I incorporated walking the dog each day (really for him more than me). Today I start the squat challenge. I also want to bring yoga back into my routine. 1x a week is fine for now. Thanks for being a great inspiration!

    1. It's so hard to get into that routine, but keep at. It's always better than nothing. YAY for butts that hope to be asses ;) I'll be back at it next week. Hopefully my butt workout will help my run when I finally get back to the track.

      And you all motivate me! Glad we have each other :)