Monday, July 22, 2013

100 Mile Challenge, Week 3

It's been a really awesome week.

Cardio Trainer (love this app)

Something happened this week. Something I find fascinating. When you run, or do anything really, that is beyond your minds grasp of what is "possible" for you. There is this conversation your mind starts having with you.

For me, with running,  it goes something like this:

Mind: You can't do this. You've never done it before. You're just not strong enough. 

Me: I want this. I think I can do it. Maybe I really can't. I never have before.

Mind: That's right. You never have. You're legs aren't strong enough. Feel that? It's your quads. They aren't strong enough. Your legs feel like cement. How are you going to keep this up. You'll never finish this lap. You should just stop now.

Me: My legs do feel heavy. I think my knee hurts. (tries to concentrate on knee, feels a little sting) yeah, my knee definitely hurts. What if I injure myself. What will I do then.

Mind: Stop now. You can't do it.

Me: Just this lap. I've gone further. Maybe I can just finish another minute. Then I'll stop.

Mind: okay, you can do a minute more. 

Minute passes. 

Me: I can finish this lap.

Mind: Maybe. (quieter)

Me: I can do this I can finish another mile.

Mind: okay (whisper). 

Mind starts to wander. Looks at sky. Thinks about Animal. About writing. Lap passes.

Me: I can do this.

Mind: Yes, you can. You can do this. Do this.

It's a really strange thing. One moment your mind is tearing you down. Weakening you at your core. During those moments if you just buy yourself an extra minute. Another lap. You show yourself you can go a little further than you thought possible. And that quiets yourself doubt. You show yourself that you CAN do it. If you just keep going. If you don't give up. If you just give yourself a chance. And your mind? It comes right along for the ride, and starts to cheer you on.

Mind: You've done this before. You've done more than this. Don't stop now. You're best moment is just a few feet away. You can do ANYTHING. Don't stop now.

It's an amazing feeling. I don't ever get tiered of reaching that moment.

That's what this challenge has been like for me. Now that I have 26 miles left, it seems completely within my reach. I just have to keep going. 

If there's anything you want out there, that your mind says isn't for you, just remember you only need another minute. Just a few more feet. Just another mile. It's yours. Your mind knows it, even if you don't. It just wants you to fight for it. Just a little. 


  1. Your a rock star for taking on this challenge!

    1. Thanx, I think what I hope anyone that reads this thinks, I can do this too!

  2. You go girl! I have close to 50 miles left...but I'm trying! I was so proud to do almost 4 yesterday. The farthest ever (for me). Of course, I walked the last mile....

    1. You can do it. Almost 4 miles, that's great. Everytime you go a little further you expand what's possible for you. Stay on it. Don't give up till you reach a hundred. Then next year try again, see how much faster you get there. It will be fun!

  3. Oh, you have beautifully presented the conversation between mind and me (I would rather call it "heart"). So creative of you Running Mama :)

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    1. Thanks. I didn't want tp say heart, because I like to believe min's always in it!