Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Am I...

an Asshole?


To kick of the ABC's of Swearing challenge I was thinking of posting The Top 5 Assholes I love to hate. Then I thought you know, I can be a real asshole, sometimes. It would be dishonest to say otherwise. I don't really like to admit it, and that's half the problem right there.

When I get called out on some mistake I make, some selfish shit I do, or I am criticized for any reason, I tend to get defensive. I try to defend myself. Sometimes that means I'm a real asshole. If you don't believe me I don't know why you wouldn't ask the hubby.

Without further ado,

The Top 5 Assholes I love to hate

5. Racist. They're everywhere. It sucks.  I'm gonna share another deep dark secret with you all, one I keep buried way down deep. There was this moment immediately after Animal was born, when I breathed a sigh of relief because he is light skinned like his father, and I very sadly but honestly belief it will save him, just a little from the ugliness that is racism. Not that much, he will after all be our son and we will raise him to be proud of his heritage.

4. Westboro Baptist Church. It's self explanatory right? No one's waiting for me to elaborate on this one, are they? You're at the wrong blog if you think this needs an explanation. Good day.

I couldn't bare to post one  of the
types of posters held outside my
local Planned Parenthood
3. Pro Life Protesters. Notice I didn't say Pro lifers, everyone has a right to their own opinions, but standing outside of women's clinics harassing women who may or may not be there for abortions is ridiculous. They hold up disgusting signs. Badgering anyone who comes near the doors. Before I had health insurance I would go there for birth control and pap smears and I hated walking past these lunatics. Also as a kid I would ride city transit and have to explain to my siblings what the fuck was on those disgusting posters. So thanks assholes, I don't think I as a teen should have had to explain to my nine and twelve year old siblings what they were looking at.

2. Gay bashers. Or anyone that thinks that marriage equality/gay rights is not a civil rights issue. I can't tell you as a woman and as a "minority" how angry I get that everyone that is not white or a man is not 100% on board with this issue. We should be in the streets (or at least at the polling stations) about this. It makes me so angry. I am however hopeful, that my son wont live in a place that makes some people second class citizens. I believe it's gonna happen and hopefully with the supreme court hearing DOMA and prop 8 cases it will happen soon.

Finally, the king of all Assholes

1. Sex Offenders. Also self explanatory. Fuck these people.

This is the scariest map ever.


  1. True on all five of your items, I am right there with ya!

  2. Holy crap, I need to move to Nevada! I wonder if legalized prostitution has anything to do with their lack of red dots... I'm sure someone's looked into that.

    Did you know you can go to and sign up for alerts for whenever a sex offender moves to (or gets a job in) your neighborhood?

    1. First,I thought the same thing about Nevada. Second, thanx for tip. I literally just signed us up.

  3. I hate everyone you hate. It's good to be friends with like minds. And other assholes.

    (Psst, where's the badge? ;) )

    -The Insomniacs Dream

    1. I forgot to add badge last night, then I added with code from yours this morning and it didn't work. Then I didn't have a chance to grab code again before I left for work, but I'll add tonight, and use that code for all other future posts.I hate crazy mornings :(

  4. Agree on all points and I really hate sex offenders. Fucking assholes!!!

  5. I am glad we hate the same groups...and man are they easy to hate.

  6. What a great post! Don't even get me started on any of the above listed ASS-HATS! I'd never quit. I am typically a rather passive person, but get me started on direct violations of anyone's human rights and you've got another Brandy all together!

    Cheers from B at