Tuesday, February 26, 2013

For Women Only Edition

This post was updated today. So that I could use in the ABC's of Swearing, because when I Googled curse words that begin with the letter V, all I found over and over, was Vagina and Va JayJay.

Vagina? Really? Can I just say that offends me as a woman that Vagina would be considered even on one list a bad word. Va JayJay? maybe, if only because it isn't proper.

Without further ado,

Is my vagina broken?

The first thing I do after I start menstruating each month is find my hubby (if it's the weekend) or wait for his call so that I can say, "Guess who's not pregnant? Me!". Then shortly after using my first tampon, I ask this question: Is my vagina broken?

 I'm not trying to be funny. I really, honestly ask myself this question every month.

Before baby, I had a really light period. 3 days and done. Now after baby, it's still basically 3 days, and only the first day is heavy (just like before) but now, I leak. I don't mean I pee when I sneeze or laugh, like at 9 months pregnant. I mean that I have to wear a panty liner for the entirety of my cycle, and the reason I do is because no matter how light or how recently I changed my tampon it leaks.

WTF? Is this normal? Am I going to go through the rest of my life going through a ton of panty liners and tampons? I'm considering just using pads. Am I crazy? At first I thought maybe I'd forgotten how to use a tampon. I even re read the instructions. I'm doing it right.

So what's the problem? I haven't googled for fear of what kind of sights it might refer me to, but I have a consultation for tubal ligation with my Ob/Gyn coming up and I plan to talk to her about it then.

In the meantime. Every time I get my period and leak I want to tweet, Is my vagina broken? I restrain myself, but as this post was written specifically for the Honest Mom hop, I decided to share.

Anybody have any ideas? The hubby says I'm just old now. Is that it?

UPDATE: My Va JayJay is just fine. The consultation was rescheduled (by the doctor, not me), but I started trying different brands, and I found one! I found one that works. I'm so happy. Thank you to all the women who left comments when I first posted this.

This post was brought to you
by the letter 'V'


  1. I seem to recall seeing a conversation about that on Twitter a while back, among some women who'd done vaginal birth... Are you using the same kind as before? Maybe another brand would fit better...

    1. So I guess talking to my doctor is a good idea. I thought since I didn't get incontinence I had made it out unscathed. I used to use light tampons, but I've tried regular and heavy, and switching brands. That didn't make a difference :(

  2. I have noticed the opposite since I had my kids. Most of my bleeding (conveniently) happens while I'm going to the bathroom. With all the stretching that happens with pregnancy and childbirth I assumed that postpartum things don't snap back exactly as they were before. I never asked my doc as this is actually easier, but since your situation is different and understandsbly bothering you I would ask your OB.

    1. My mom told me with every birth something changes and never goes back to how it was...

      Yeah I'm gonna ask my Dr. if it's an interesting answer, I'll update this post

    2. My gained half a shoe size with each kid and never went back. And my best friend's boobs never shrank back to normal! Lucky!