Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dearest Little Sister,

I've been thinking of you so much, so often. I know you wouldn't know it from the amount of phone calls and text you get from me, and for that I am sorry.

You live so close now and we see so little of each other. I take full responsibility for not being around more. I often plan to call or ask you out, but life gets in the way. It's not an excuse, you're always so gracious about it, but we could be texting. We could be getting together occasionally. We could be staying connected.

I love you. I want to be there for  you. I want us to stay close. I want to continue making memories with you. I want to keep laughing with you.

If someone were to ask me what kind of girl my sister is, I would say, She's the kind of girl that can kick your ass, but doesn't. She's the kind of girl that when she loves you, she is loyal to a fault. She will listen and love you for as long as you need. She doesn't show her cracks and she's good at making you feel like she can handle anything. I think she can, but I still wish she would tell me when she needs me.

You're important to me. I want you to know that. I want us to commit to spending some time together. I promise to start texting you more. That's a line of communication that is always open, no matter how busy and harried I feel/I am. I hope from that small step we can take more.

I love you.

Your neglectful older sister,


  1. sometimes it's so hard to keep up relations with those we most want to see. what a nice letter - I wish I lived closer to my sisters

    1. I know why is that? I guess they're the easiest to take for granted. I don't want to do that though

  2. I love reading letter to someone and a relationship that is still be salvaged. Good luck.. family is everything!!

    1. Thanks. We have plans for next week now :)

  3. Aww as a mom to two daughters, I hope you guys get close again.
    I have no family nearby.
    Closest family is 8 hours away by car.
    I would give anything to have family close. :)

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  5. Replies
    1. Looks like you figured it out. I sent her the link the day I wrote it. We're gonna hangout Monday. I'm gonna text my little brother too, he's also very missed.