Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Big Boy

One Morning I thought I heard a cat meowing. It was weird because our cat wasn't very vocal and she was on the opposite side of the room, but I was certain that I heard meowing. I went on about my morning routine, still hearing an occasional meow. I thought I must be going crazy, but decided to look out side and see if maybe there was a cat stuck on the tree out side our apartment window. There on our welcome mat sat a handsome kitty. Just meowing  at our front door. I ran to the bedroom to wake my husband up because I still kind of thought I might be loosing it. There couldn't really be a cat that we didn't know meowing at our front door, could there?
I'm not sure what the hubby thought when I disturbed his slumber to tell him this tall tale of a cat meowing at our door, but he ran to the window to check it out. Sure enough, I wasn't insane (yet) and he too saw this dapper kitty asking to come in. He opened the door and very likely our hearts to this robust feline.
From that day forward, when ever this kitty saw us coming, or pulling in he would run down from a tree or from around the corner and up the stairs to our front door and greet us there. We gave him water, food and a good dose of affection at every meeting.
One night there was a storm, the hubby and I decided to let him spend the night. In the morning he was meowing at the door ready to go back to where ever it was that he went when he was not spending his time with us.
There were more storms and more nights that we let him stay with us. Then we got to thinking that maybe it was time to make this a permanent arrangement. We already had one indoor kitty and it would not be fair to her if this kitty, handsome and awesome as he was, just came and went as he pleased. So after much deliberation and a discussion with the fellow himself. El Topo became an official member of our family.
Every body that ever met him (that wasn't heartless allergic) loved him. There was no way not to love this cat. He was friendly, loving  and goofy. Like a dog. He was 13.5 lbs. that's a big cat for those of you not familiar with cats. I have so many wonderful memories of him. When Animal was born we joked, Topo would be the dog our boy needed.
We had two cats. Topo we would say was the hubby's spirit, Puma was mine. But when I had to say goodbye to my first baby boy, I felt like my spirit died a little too.
Before we had Animal our kitties were our babies. If you've never had a pet, that maybe sounds silly and childish, but if you've ever had a pet that was really a part of your family you know these innocent creatures are not just a joy, sometimes an annoyance, they are always an important responsibility you don't want to be without.
I can't tell you how heavy my heart is, how empty my home feels or much he will be missed.
 Big Boy, thank you for picking us to be your family.


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss, but I'm glad you got some time with him. He seems like an awesome little guy.