Sunday, February 17, 2013

Poppy Pinot Noir An Amateur Review

This year for Valentine's Day, the hubby did something unexpected.

He bought me 2 bottles of wine.

My husband was a bohemian before he became a married man.

He was always here and there, between homes, or had roommates. He was a social butterfly, and often someones friend with benefits.

Once we got married, to appease me he says (because he's an all or nothing kind of guy, not unlike  myself) he became a hermit. He hates talking to people he doesn't know, but for this gift he spoke to the wine guy at Whole Foods.

This bottle would not qualify for my regular cheap wine reviews, I like to stick to the 9.99 and under crowds. But when he gave me this gift he said, "I expect a review".

So here it is folks.

I'll be honest, as I didn't buy it, I don't know list price, but I heard that it was over 20 dollars.

You know what?

I hated it! Because it was delicious and supple.

It was the perfect amount of sweet but earthy. Tastes of blackberries and strawberries, Mmm yummy. It was smooth and light and would pair well with halibut or salmon. All the good things you want in a Pinot Noir.

I don't have 20+ dollars to be spending on wine. That's what I spend on liquor! Not on something I'm likely to kill in a day. BOO! It was really good, I'm gonna likely buy it the next time I see, or wish I was buying, when I buy a seven dollar bottle of Ménage à Trois. I hate when I really want to drink something specific but the logical part of my brain says, "that's almost half a tank of gas..."

Anyway, If you have more money to spend on something your going to drink in 2hrs, I highly recommend.

Also thank you hubby for the thoughtful and very good pick. I loved it and gave it to drunk thumbs up!

I'm not really getting fancy on you folks,
this was a gift.


  1. New follower. Love your wine reviews. I mostly drink white cause I feel like it's easier to find good cheap white than red but will have to try some of your recommendations.

    1. Welcome Liz! I love drinking and writing so there's plenty more of these coming, including a white (gasp) ...