Friday, January 4, 2013

Absolute Tune an Amateur Review

What your looking at in this photo is Absolut's new concoction. A sparkling white wine infused with Vodka. 

If you drink alone it's bubbly with a definite vodka kick. I was intrigued, it came with a little cocktail recipe book and if I purchased after tasting I got the fun commemorative glass. I'm a sucker for those things. Also it was 5 bucks cheaper than the current price at BevMo so I thought I would buy and try for New Years. 

Well first I tried their Screwdriver Mimosa and it was No Bueno. BOO!  Next I tried a glass with  little chambrod (as pictured above). Chambrod with sparkling white wine is delicious, but this was not good, not good at all. Finally I had a glass with cranberry juice. Absolut Tune and cranberry juice, tasty. BUT, and it's a rather big but, not as good as a standard cranberry and vodka. Also the price I paid 29.99, and thought it was ten bucks more than what I thought it was worth. 

So there you have it. Not worth it, at least not for me. 

Do you have any suggestions? Any liquor or cocktail you've been meaning to try, but don't want to buy or take the time to make? Send your inquiry here. I'd be happy to try and I'll let you know if it's worth your time.


  1. That sounds like this decade's Tequiza. Remember that disaster?

  2. Hahaha, OMG do I !?! hahaha I would have loved to review that epic failure...

    I was thinking of reviewing Cabo Wabo, cuz it's so good and I feel like drinking lots of it...

  3. Glad i'm a cheap white wine (barefeet, alice white, valenzano winery) gal, and a pinnacle vodka gal, which is also relatively cheap!

    1. I haven't tried ANY of the above! hmmm I feel a new post coming on, yay and thank you. I was not aware barefoot had white wine... I'm intrigued...