Monday, January 14, 2013

A Close Call

This one time in high school. I snuck out of my house in the middle of the night to meet my boyfriend. We'd had a fight and he showed up to talk it out. I was so stupid in love that any time this guy called I came running. After we'd had a heart to heart and made up, he went home and I went to go back to bed.

When I got to my front door and turned the handle I realized the door had been locked. There was no way for me to get in. There were no windows that I could pry open, I couldn't try the back door because  our dog would make so much noise it would surely give me away.

I sat on my front porch going over all my options. At first everything I thought of ended with me busted and grounded. I may have cried out there in the cold wee hours of the morning. I cry when I get frustrated and am unable to think my way out of a problem.

Then it hit me. I would wait till 5 am or so, and go for a little walk. Then I would head home around 540 or so and pretend that I'd gone out for an early morning stroll and then been locked out. Sure that could work. I went out for morning walks sometimes, nothing weird there.

obviously this was not my front door, but this picture seemed appropriate as I felt like this
As I sat there ironing out details to my story, I needed to be believable. I heard something? Not sure actually what it was. Possibly I just remembered, that sometimes my little brother slept on our living room couch under the window I was sitting outside of. So I tapped gently on the window. The noise woke him up, but all he could see was a dark shadowy figure I realized when I saw his eyes widen in fear. I thought quickly and waved my hand wildly under our porch light so that the motion censors would go off turning the light on.

My plan worked the light turned on and I saw my brothers face go from frightened to puzzled and annoyed. He carefully opened the front door to me. Mumbling something about my being stupid lucky and that I probably shouldn't do that again. I mumbled something about not telling on me as I crept  upstairs and headed to bed.

It was a close call. I never did it again. Thanks little brother, I love you for more than not being a snitch.

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  1. Great story and what a great brother not to rat out--unless he used it as blackmail later! :-)

  2. Awesome brother. I've got one just like that. :)

  3. In my house it was me saving the little brother. It's amazing how we come through for each other as if to silently hope the favor will one day be returned.

    Thanks so much for linking up!!

    1. Siblings are amazing cohorts.

      thanx for crappy fun link up :)

  4. My brother was six years younger than me and I could totally count in him to not rat me out.

    Then I was out on my own and he was still a teen - guess who got the "I just put Dad's truck in the ditch" calls?

    But turnabout is fair play - when I go out of town I tell the oldest - if you run into any trouble, call your Uncle - he owes me a few.

    1. Hahaha, I love how the cycle of shenanigans continues! it's the circle of life :)