Thursday, November 29, 2012

TT Mouthfulls

This weeks Theme Thursday topic, is weird, sweet, silly or gross, depending on your personal experience. It's very likely been all of those things. Ready? 

"Things I've Had in My Mouth Since Becoming a Parent." 

Let me begin by saying, I have had lots of wonderful things in my mouth since becoming a mommy. Like chubby little baby arms. Soft little fingers. Meaty legs. Perfect little feet. And tiny toes.

Even though I had a bouncy baby boy, I have been very fortunate to date. Nothing as disgusting as poop or pee pee. Lucky me, I know. BUT my son has already managed to get snot all over his fingers and into my mouth. So there's that.

He loves to put his hands into my mouth his sharp little razors nails have left the inside of my mouth full of little knicks.  I don't know why, except for the occasional sweep to take something he's managed to find on the floor out of HIS mouth. We, DO NOT put our fingers in his mouth. Come to think of it, who knows what disgusting germs, dust, dirt, or other have been on those grubby little mitts of his that have ended up in my mouth.

Also breast milk. I had never tasted, never wanted to, and was not at all curious about it. Until I had a little baby. Anyway I spilled some on my hand one day when I was taking the pumping equipment off and I got a little curious, I had read it was sweet. It was. Kind of reminded me of an Horchata, in case you wondered. It also squirted in my eye once. OUCH.

The grossest thing though, was around the time the baby was 2 months old. I had finished feeding him and was trying to burp him. I moved him off my shoulder and held him up in front of me.

"Animal, do you have any burps in there?" I said.

He smiled so sweetly, and then spit up all over me. In my hair, face, mouth and chest. I was shocked. Screamed the hubby came running. First he laughed, then he grabbed my a burp cloth and took the baby so I could clean myself up. YUCK. 

There you have it. The sweet, weird, silly and gross. 

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  1. I've had spit up land in my hair and on my face, but thankfully never in my mouth! Yikes. Babies have scary sharp nails, don't they? And they grow overnight! Thankfully, my husband doesn't mind trimming them. I get too scared I will cut my child, even with our nice dull nail scissors.

    1. I cut his thumb once, I felt like AWFUL. I'm way more careful now (my hubby is still to scared to do it) if that means it takes a week to trim one hand, so be it. ;)

  2. "Meaty legs" - Perfect description of baby legs! And you always want to chew on them. Always.

    1. When he was a newborn he was so thin he looked muscular instead of chubby. I felt robbed of my mommy right. he's got meaty legs now and I take full advantage!