Sunday, December 2, 2012

30 Days of Thankfulness 4th edition

The awesome blogger at The Insomniacs Dream had a terrific idea of coming up with something new everyday this month that you are grateful for and then posting daily. I decided to keep on ongoing journal and post each Friday. But I goofed last Friday so I'm making some changes to my intro (which your reading right now) and will post this finally edition with two weeks worth instead of one.


I'm so grateful to my friend, Nursing Student, who despite my unavailablity has stayed a trusted and true friend. She invited me to The Red Tent and we got a chance to share how grateful we are for each other to each other. It was wonderful.


I'm grateful for a family day. I love my little family. Even when we're getting on each others nerves I'm grateful to spend as much time as possible with them.


I am oh so grateful for a short week. Only 3 work days this week! Yay!


Today I am thankful for co workers I like. I've been at my company along time. Staff has come and gone.
Right now I work with genuinely nice people. It's nice to get along with everyone, and especially not to avoid anyone.


A super productive lunch break! I can't believe how much shit I got done. I was really worried because I couldn't take half the day off from work this year like I usually do. The hubby takes care of almost all the Thanksgiving day cooking. But I have two things I make for the big day. I make cheesecake and cranberry sauce. Both recipes are amazingly easy but really really tasty. But I take half a day off so that I can run to the grocery store for any last minute things we forgot, to make said dishes and to clean up the kitchen and living room. So that tomorrow morning I can kick back while my wonderful husbands slaves away in the kitchen. My job on Thanksgiving is to keep the guests drinks coming and to help the hubby clean up after they've gone home. This year unable to do that I wondered how tonight would go, but cheesecakes are done. Grocery store trips handled and all in an hour. I'm thrilled.


I'm grateful today for family. For my small family and for my extended family. My hubby, my son, my parents, siblings, cousins, nieces and nephews, aunts and uncles, and friends who have become family over the years.


Today I am thankful for honest people. I don't know how I did it, but I managed to drop my phone at Wal-Mart. My phone, my right hand, gone. My hubby called, someone kept hanging it up. I was sure it was gone,  I would have to shell out the cash for a replacement (luckily it's insured so it wouldn't cost me the full amount, but still it's not free and) I would be phoneless for a few days. Me, without a phone. It's ridiculously sad that I've become this way, but I would have been so sad. If not for this honest individual who returned my phone and my hubby who went and figured out this mess while I put our son to bed.


Today I am thankful for squeeze packs of baby/toddler food. I left the house without feeding our son lunch. He got crabby and fussy, like any hungry person. But these healthy squeeze packs saved the day. A healthy lunch so I don't have to feel like a shitty parent, and Animal loves to squeeze and feed himself. Win Win.


Today I am thankful that I finally learned how to share my own blog on twitter and Facebook. Before now I would copy and paste my link on to tweets and I hate Facebook so I wouldn't even bother trying to figure that out. But today I finally figured it our. I feel really dumb cuz it's so easy. But at least I finally got it. Yes, she can be taught folks. Anyway, I'm excited to learn even more.


Today I am thankful for my mom. She was and is an amazing mom. I never really appreciated her until I moved out. She is a wonderful person, she loves me, and she is my friend now. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have her. She still helps me so much and everyday when I have to go to work and be away from my little man, I am so fortunate that she is willing to take care of my son for me. Every day I get to have peace of mind knowing that my son is in the best hands possible. Thanks mom!


Today I am so thankful that it's Wednesday, have the week is over soon I'll be spending the weekend with my family.


Today I am thankful for time. Time that is just for the hubby and I. To rehash the day. To argue. To watch tv together. To not spend together sometimes. To write, tweet, check email and just be with my thoughts. Time you are special.

11/30/12 *

Today I am thankful that the gratitude challenge is over. I think about things I'm grateful for honestly like several times a day. But to find the time to write them down and make them different? This was way harder than I expected. Last week I was so busy with the family I didn't get a chance to post and planned to just get it done by this Friday. But Friday I started watching this season of Dexter and started drinking and before I knew it the day was over. Then yesterday we had a packed day and by the time I put Animal down for the night I didn't want to be on the computer. And now that I can hear Animal just woke up for morning nap as I get these last words in. I'm grateful the challenge is over and I can get on with my day. 2 day late. Sorry



  1. You finished it though. You followed through, and you have some amazing things on your list.

    1. Thanx, this really was a great challenge! We're lucky ppl, lots to be thankful for :)