Monday, December 31, 2012

Unexpected Visitor : A Valentine's Day Story

About six years ago now, in January, I decided that I wanted to do something special for the hubby on Valentine's day. 

He was always doing something sweet and romantic for me often ending with me drunk and passing out without giving him any. Probably not how he planned the evening going, after cooking me a delicious dinner, painting me a beautiful picture, taking me out somewhere I had always wanted to go, or otherwise doing something special. When he wants to, he does some romantic ass shit. Previously to being a married man, these sort of overtly romantic gestures I'm sure got him laid. 

So this one year, I planned something for him. 

I took the afternoon off, had bought all kinds of delicious appetizers, liquor and some sexy lingerie. I was prepared to make it a Valentine's he would not forget and that would NOT end with me passed out.

In those days I didn't have a drivers license so the hubby who started work at 5 am would go home in the early afternoon and then pick me up at 6 pm. Unbeknownst to him I got off work at  1 that afternoon and took city transit home so that I could do my make up (you know all smoky eyed and shit), my hair, get appetizers ready, pour the drinks and so that I could be stretched out on our couch in the sexy lingerie when he walked in the door. Like I said I was ready to make this a happy Valentine's for HIM.

Well things couldn't have gone better. He was completely unaware. I got home an hour before him. Popped appetizers in oven. Made myself look good. Set the coffee table with goodies. Got dressed up and stretched out on couch in my hottest heels. 

On schedule, the key turned in the lock, my heart beat quickly awaiting the hubby's surprised reaction. 

Well guess what? The party surprised, was me! The hubby had come home with a co-worker! 

The hubby got one look at me and his eyes got as big as a cartoon characters, I could see that he wasn't alone and he said, "you're home. I have So and So with me". I ran to our bedroom and about died of embarrassment!

Apparently the one that would not be forgetting this Valentine's day was me.

I can't remember how the whole evening ended. 

Did I pass out? Maybe. Probably. After that I may have decided to drink a lot. 

Maybe not, after all that, I may have wanted my own happy ending.

But what I will never forget, is the planning and how the afternoon ended up starting with an unexpected visitor. I have never planned another Valentine's Day. Being smooth and sexy, is not my thing. Doing embarrassing things that could be updated I Love Lucy episode, totally my thing!


  1. That was awesome! I wish I could have seen the look on his face!

    1. Think Bugs Bunny with his eyes bulging out!