Thursday, December 20, 2012

TT Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2

Reality TV. I've been hooked since The Real World. 

I wont watch just anything, though the hubby would disagree. 

I wont watch any of the bachelor shows or any of the talent shows. Also none of the "celebrity" shows. No spin offs of Housewives. No Red necks, little people, sister wives, toddlers in tiaras, cop shows, security shows, no swans, no bidding on storage units, drunk girls fighting, jersey shore drunks or families with more than one digit number of children. 

Now I know that knocks so many reality shows out. I wish I could say I didn't watch any, because frankly I'm embarrassed at the long list of shows I do watch. Not just watch, but love to watch. They are my guilty pleasures. I watch these shows, DVR them, watch marathons, I don't BUY tabloids but I do check out the stories if it has to do with one of the girls/couples on one of the shows I watch. I get involved emotionally. A few examples, I was honestly sad when Nick and Jessica got divorced. I Googled about Khloe and Lamar Odom divorce rumors, and yelled at the screen recently when Janelle told her lawyer she wanted to go to a Kesha concert instead of taking the 14 days of jail time her PO offered after she failed a drug test.

Here is a list with all the names I could remember, sadly there are more shows whose names I can't recall.

The Real World
Road Rules
Real World Road Rule Challenge (note I stopped watching all of these shows about 8 years ago)
The Real Housewives of Orange County
Hogan Knows Best
What Not To Wear
Keeping Up With The Kardashians
Kourtney and Kim Take New York
Khloe and Lamar 
16 and Pregnant
Clean House 
Restaurant Impossible
Cupcake Wars
LA Ink
Top Chef
Teen Mom
Teen Mom 2
Wife Swap (only first season)
American Chopper
Monster House
Monster Garage
Nanny 911
Super Nanny
Average Joe
The Biggest Looser
Flavor of Love ( I know both a dating show and celebrity)
The Osbournes 

So there you have it. Reality TV, I hate to love it. Especially Teen Mom, The Real Housewives of the OC and all things Kardashian. When ever the hubby catches me watching them he says "my respect for  your judgement just dropped from here to here" signaling from over his head to as low as his hand will go without bending over. 

I don't usually discuss openly my love of these shows. Except Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2, I talk about those often. Especially in my posts. I love that show so much that I want to do a weekly post after the show airs Monday night. 

But I don't want to trash any of the girls because they are SO young. What if I was a baby myself when I became a mom? What stupid things would I do? What dumb ex would be my baby daddy? What drama would my little one have to endure? I also don't want to forgive all the dumb shit they do just because they are young. My best friend was 19 when her daughter was born. Life was so hard for them. My bestie had to drop out of college, after she worked so hard to get there. She had to work, raise her daughter on her own and go to school to reach her dream of being a nurse. Even though she was young, and it was hard, she did it. Her daughter is a wonderful young lady and she was an amazing role model. 

What's my point? These girls can do it too. I'm rooting for them. 

The housewives of the OC are a train wreck and I love to watch. It seems the other "ladies" are bigger train wrecks at least according to the soup, but I refuse to watch any more housewives.

And the Kardashians? I know it's lame, but at least they are hard working women. All the women in that family are smart and hard working. Plus crazy and explosive. It's just fun to watch. 

I can't believe I shared my ridiculous love of these ridiculous shows. But there you have it folks, judge away if you can stay away from this grovel. Judging from the amount and variety of "Reality" TV, I feel safe believing you wont be judging me.   


I'm sure you have a bevy of personal favorites, to hear what others love, hate or love to hate click on the THEME THURSDAY button.


  1. WOW, that is quite a list. You know, I always say I "never" watch reality TV, but you jogged my memory- although I never watched any of the ones on your list, I did watch Joe Millionaire and The Joe Schmo Show. Remember those?

    1. Lol, I do remember those, but didn't watch. I feel like I should update, a lot of those aren't on any more, or I don't watch anymore...

  2. OMG we are soul mates.
    I watch Teen Mom 1 and 2 under cloak of darkness.
    For fear of being found out.
    I am a reality tv JUNKIE.
    And there is no rehab for me.
    I am so glad to know I am not alone.

    1. I remember you commented on Teen Mom before. I'm also glad I'm not alone! in my love or shame ;p

  3. I'm so glad I'm not alone...I've seen all the shows on your list too and I'm so glad I'm not the only one who saw Flavor of Love!

    1. Even the hubby watched Flavor of Love, it was hard to look away!

  4. That's quite a list. For someone who doesn't watch.

    1. Read carefully, what I said is I wish I didn't watch, and there are many shows I haven't, but I love to hate and am hooked (Since the Real World no less, that's like 20 yrs ago, so of course the list is longer than I would like to admit)

  5. I have the whole Osbournes series on DVD. I admit it. My kid knew who Ozzy Osbourne was at 3. And he'd run around the house shouting "Shaaarooon!!"

    I got hooked on the first season of The Real World. Yes, that means I'm officially old. That's when I thought to myself "it'd be cool if there were more of these..." Be careful what you wish for! I'm with you on what I won't watch - with the exception of the little people. Gawddamn I love those little people! I guess it makes me feel good to know I'm not the only one who has to scale the grocery store shelves to reach the last fucking box of oatmeal.

  6. Me too, "officially old". BOO, I almost didn't write about that one, but that's when my tawdry love affair with reality tv