Sunday, December 23, 2012

Three Wishes Cabernet an Amateur Review

Here it is ladies (and gentlemen?), I found the Cabernet Sauvignon. As you can see by the photo, I like to fill my glass and I have had more than one glass.

These wines come in an ECO friendly bottle that leave a smaller footprint, so that you can feel a little less guilty about partaking in the sauce! "But Honey, look, It cost two bucks and is better for the environment, I may as well get the case". 

This full bodied(for lack of a better words) wine tastes of berries, black currant and has a gentle whiff of alcohol (can that odor be gentle?). Well it'll get you drunk and that's what we're here for most nights. Not as good as two buck chuck, but come on, that isn't good either. It works on the cheap and it isn't gross.   Obviously I have high standards here folks. Stick with me, and we'll both be looking for a designated driver! 

Next week: climbing the cost ladder I'll be reviewing Absolut Sparkling Fusion Tune (It's Absolut's new sparkling wine, I know, I know very exciting, because the only thing my wine is missing is Vodka!)

Cheers to you!


  1. Here's your assignment. Buy this - and then taste the wine straight from the bottle and then pour it through the aerator and taste it again. It will blow your mind how much this little gadget improves a wine. It will get rid of that little whiff of alcohol.

    1. Oohhh. I'm getting and trying, thanx for the tip!