Friday, November 9, 2012

30 days of Thankfulness 2nd Edition

As some of you now the talented writer at The Insomniacs Dream  put out a challenge to write and post daily about something different everyday that you are grateful for. I decided to join in the fun and accept this challenge. I'm writing everyday and posting my week long journal each Friday this month.


Today I am oh so grateful for my son. He is the apple of my eye, truly. I love his smile, his mischief, his soft skin. I love to hear him yell, and babble. I love to see him gain new abilities and to be in awe of his strength. If this guys not a linebacker, or a UFC fighter I will be shocked.

I love to see him look at his dads paintings. When he was a fussy baby I would hold him up in front of his dads work and he would stop crying and smile. Ok, ok he could be an artist and I wouldn't be surprised.

He's so friendly, he loves to smile, a mischievous kind of smile, at strangers, but especially children. He never cries when I leave him, but he always squeals with delight when I come to pick him up.

Today the hubby bought him a samba set and pulled out all but the Guiro figuring he was to young to play with it. I showed him how it worked and put it back in the box. Later that day he pulled it out and used it the right way! Running the stick along grooves to make music and then hitting along groove to make rhythmic beats. I might just be reaching but he loves music (I know, I know, all kids do) and it fills me with joy to see him having such a good time.

As I held him tonight and nursed him, I tried to memorize the weight and warmth of his body as he laid in my arms. These moments will be gone before I know it and I hope that I have treasured them to there fullest. I read in some magazine when my son was just a week or two old, "When things are tough remember that this is not forever just for now, may it give you patience and calm to get through those moments. And when things are wonderful stop and remember this is not forever, just for now. Take the time to remember everything about that moment because it will be gone before you know it". I'm paraphrasing. But never was anything more true, and when things are tough, that is just what I tell myself. And when things are wonderful like tonight I try so hard to remember everything down to his scent. This year flew by and I look foward to so many things to come. But oh what I wouldn't give to hold onto right now...


Today I am grateful for lazy football Sundays. The predictability of the pre-game show on FOX, eating bar food, having a couple of drinks. Cheering and booing as the case may be. I used to get a nap when the afternoon game was on CBS, how can anyone make football boring? I don't know, but CBS figured it out. Any way those days are gone now that we have the NFL ticket. Only taking a break from football if The Walking Dead is on, and then falling asleep to ESPN's NFL Wrap Up. The fall rocks! GO REDSKINS!


Today I am grateful for having a job I love. It's great when Monday morning rolls around and I'm not at all dreading having to go to work.


Today I am grateful for Rachel Maddow. What would I do if I couldn't watch election day coverage with you? What if I couldn't get my dose of the politico from you? What if I was forced to watch CNN or worse yet, FOX NEWS? Thank you Rachel for being you!


Today I am grateful for the ladies, especially Jenn, of  Theme Thursdays. I've learned so much. I am enjoying my love for writing, by actually writing. I can't say thanks enough for including me, showing me the ropes and for not showing any outer frustrations at my lack of knowledge. I don't really have many mommy friends, or at least I didn't, but now I feel like I do. :)


Today I am so grateful for all the parents who showed up early to pick their children up, so that I could be a little early to pick up my baby tonight. When your away from your kids all day, any extra time before putting them to bed is much appreciated! Getting to hold him and play with him those extra few was wonderful


  1. Awww! Thank you! I'll be able to point to your blog when you're internet-famous and say, "I knew her when..."

  2. Lol, well I don't know about all that but thank you :)