Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Is She...

Animal's Dr never seems to remember him. It makes me a little crazy, the last two times we where there, she started with questions like, "Is she standing on her own?" Or "Is she drinking whole milk?

When I answer "He is..." She doesn't comment on her mistake, but corrects herself from then on. I'm not sure if it's the name on the chart that throws her. Animal has an original name, maybe she thinks it could be a girl's name. But he looks like a boy and hasn't worn anything gender neutral since he was 3 months old. No one, his whole life has ever said, "Is it a boy or a girl". Probably because he looked like a little old man when he was born and he just doesn't look a girl. She's been his doctor since he was born, and though she has many patients, how many has she sent to NICU for a bunch a blood work after releasing from the hospital?

Anyway, Animal got his first fever Saturday night. It lasted all weekend so I took him in yesterday. His Dr wasn't available, so we saw the other Dr in her office. I don't care for that Dr, once when at a well baby visit we saw her instead, she kept us waiting 1 hr with a naked baby. She didn't apologize, she just said "those kids were REALLY sick". She spent a grand total of 3 minutes with us before she sent the nurse in to vaccinate our little guy.

A month later when I called for some advice, I talked to that Dr again. This was our conversation:

Dr A: What his diet like?

Me: He is still EBF.

Dr A: why?

Me: We're waiting till he's six months old to introduce solids.

Dr A: Give me one good reason to wait until then?

Me: I say something, the first thing that comes to my mind, because she caught me off guard. (So even though the hubby and I have at least half a dozen reasons, that we went over for months, and I spent a lot of time researching, this wasn't a decision we came to lightly) I came off as weak.

Dr A: That's not a good reason, he needs at least baby cereal.

I don't have warm fuzzy feelings about this Dr, and as luck would have it she was the only one with an open slot and we had to come in.

 As I sat in the office waiting for the receptionist to bring in my receipt for co pay I watched Animal busy himself with the blocks in examination room. I contemplate again if it's time to find a new pediatrician. I had really hoped he could have one Dr for his whole childhood, but...

Cindy (what we'll call the receptionist) comes back and says: I can't believe how big he's gotten. I remember how small he was the first time you brought him in.

 Me: Yeah, he was so small I could hardly believe he'd ever be big.

 Cindy: Remember the mess with the lab work?

 Me: It was so scary.

Cindy: Look at him now though, this is his first sick visit, and he hardly looks sick. She leaves shortly after.

Thank you Cindy for remembering my son. The nurses and receptionist are great
there. Maybe we'll stay...


  1. Don't stay! It sucks that you'll have to leave Cindy, but you and Animal deserve a pediatrician who you like. I wish you lived here; ours is AMAZING. I wish he took adults.

  2. The nursing staff in maternity and NICU love his Dr and said she was great. Her office has some cool stuff like late appt, Saturday hours, you can email anytime, and great staff. but the DRs... and I don't really know ppl that love their child's pediatrician. time to start researching...