Tuesday, November 27, 2012

PSA: Bargain Shopping No-No

Sample Offenders
As a preschool teacher of a two year old class for 15 years, I have used almost every brand of diaper. So I'm going to fill you in on a little nugget of information.

Off brand diapers aren't worth the pennies (couple of bucks) you are saving.

Unless you, and only you change your child's diaper each and every time. Or your family is going through a real economic hardship were EVERY penny really matters. There is no reason to inflict these disasters of poorly constructed, aren't fooling anyone, "diapers", on any person.

These ill fitting, thinner than paper "diapers" (and I'm looking at you Target) will NOT hold in a messy number 2, sometimes they wont even keep in urine.

Moms on a budget, I feel your pain. The hubby and I are working stiffs and believe me I hate to shell out the 21 something dollars per pack, per week, per month. I don't even let myself do the math anymore. I have had to let go of a lot of luxuries, like pants that fit, so that I can buy Huggies Pure and Natural, every time.

My experience has taught me some things about skimping on important basics like a good diaper. If you do not heed my advice you can be sure of a few things...

1. There WILL be shit (everywhere).

2. There will be even MORE laundry.

3. Other people who are forced to change your child's diaper WILL resent/judge your spending choices.

4. Switching to off brand for potty training, will yield the same disgusting results. Sorry you gotta continue to pony up the big bucks till your little pooper is done.

There is a silver lining. Costco. Kirkland brand diapers, come in bulk, are cheaper and high quality.

Your Welcome.

Update: Now that Animal is a toddler we finally made the jump to Kirkland brand diapers. This is a very exciting development because I can buy his diapers in those amazing bulk packs that come with those even more amazing bulk prices!

This could not have come at a better time, Huggies decided to start packaging their Pure and Natural brand diapers in cardboard boxes and hiking the price up five bucks a pop, we were down to 3 boxes a month (instead of weekly) but still that's SEVENTY FIVE dollars a month! Versus my new price of 38.99 for the giant box at Costco, that last for a whole month! Thank you Costco, the membership truly pays itself in diaper savings, not to mention they have a coupon like every other booklet, saving me an additional six dollars every other month.

 This post was brought to you by the letter 'S'. Also this was an old post re-edited and updated. I'm multitasking like a Mo Fo. Thanks for coming by :)


  1. I never understood people cheaping out on stuff like that. I mean, I buy lots of generic groceries, and all my clothes are from Target and Old Navy. But the boy got name-brand formula and diapers, and my cats get Science Diet. Nothing's too good for my babies.

    1. agreed. know where to bargain hunt, and when to fork over your hard earned dough!

  2. never did it! I was a huggies snob right out of the gate! Thanks for hooking up to the Hump Day Hook Up

    1. Truly you are a smart cookie. I would have been too, even without my job experience. My mom taught me, Never go generic when quality is compromised.

  3. I remember receiving the pardon from diapers. Never doubted the more expensive kind.

    Then my youngest sister came along preaching how to potty train at 6 months and all of the money it saves. If YOU knew your child, then cloth diapers are the only way to go.

    I'll spend the money and let her run frantically trying to put two babies on a toilet.

    1. Llol, me too! Me too!

      No thanx, there isn't enough booze in the world to have me trying that. maybe if someone paid me (A LOT)...and gave me booze...