Saturday, November 17, 2012

30 Days of Thankfulness 3rd edition

As some of you now the talented writer at The Insomniacs Dream  put out a challenge to write and post daily about something different everyday that you are grateful for. I decided to join the fun and accept this challenge. I'm writing everyday and posting my week long journal each Friday this month.



I am oh so grateful for naptime.

Once upon a time. Naptimes were a rare occurrence in our home. Now thanks to Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child it is a rare occasion when a nap is missed. Sure this means our life's revolve around a nap schedule, but now mommy and daddy get a little break. And Animal gets much needed rest so that he is the cutest, happiest, most awesome little toddler instead of a red eyed terror that spends his day screaming, fussing and wearing mommy and daddy out long before bedtime. Thank you Dr. Weisbluth for writing your book. Thank you Amazon parents for taking the time to write reviews. Thank you HTC /Google Books/T Mobile for making it possible to get book immediately.


Today I am grateful to advise nurses. Without you I would have spent the morning trying to decide if I needed to take Animal to ER or if I could wait until tomorrow for doctors office to be open. I was pretty sure I could wait, but better safe than sorry...


Today I am grateful for health insurance. Every time I have to bring my son to the doctors office I am struck with this realization that a great deal of parents in this country have to consider whether they can afford to take their child to the doctor. Things are tight in my home, I can't always provide Animal with everything I want for him. But I am so, so fortunate that when he is ill, when he needs preventitive care, when I'm just not sure, I don't have to wonder what I will do. I just pick up there phone and call his doctors office. I wish I could make that a reality for every parent.


Today I am grateful for my mom. I am so lucky to have such a great mom. I didn't appreciate her when I was a kid. As an adult I'm glad we're friends. I'm so lucky that she can care for Animal while I am at work. I hate to be away from him, but I'm so lucky to have peace of mind knowing my heart is with her.


Today I am grateful for a fever free day! Yay!

Almost better. Less snot. Yay!

No medicine before bed. Yay!

No follow up visit to make sure it wasn't anything worse than a bad, bad cold. Yay!


Today I'm grateful for payday. Bills, Bills, Bills. Now I can pay them.


Today I'm so grateful for a healthy child. We were so lucky that everything went well all of my pregnancy. So blessed that there were no complications at birth. So incredibly fortunate that other than one frightening trip to the NICU (the most surreal, horrific hrs of our lifes) Animal has been healthy. He's had 2 bad colds, 1 little cold, and this last weekend's cold with a fever. I am so grateful and also feel pretty guilty. It's so unfair that some babies, some mommies, some families don't have it this easy. I am apparently in a Debbie Downer kind of mood. Sorry

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