Friday, November 2, 2012

30 days of Thankfullness

The wonderful writer of  The Insomniacs Dream put out this query? Would anyone like to commit to thinking and writing about a different thing they are grateful for every day this month?

I'm full of gratitude. So I LOVE and accept this challenge. I was thinking of posting every Friday. But working on it daily so that. It is authentic and also meeting challenge. 


Today I am thankful for my husband. I've known him since high school, we were good friends for many many years. And we still are.

He says that by default (marriage) we are no longer friends. But I think a friend is someone who you enjoy talking to, laughing and crying with. Someone you trust, your loyal to, and you think of often. I say by default (marriage and a baby) we are family too.

Marriage is hard, being parents is hard too. Having him to share this adventure with is pretty great. He shares in the work as well as the play.  He makes me laugh. He listens to me and my ideas. He supports my endeavors and cheers me on.


I have been sober since the end of February 2011 when I began to suspect that I might be pregnant. I had my first glass of wine last Friday, the day we celebrated Animal's 1st birthday. For those of you not great at math, that's 19 months.

And right now as I write this I am having my 2nd glass of wine. It is WONDERFUL.   Of course once my son was born I could have had a drink and defrosted a bottle of frozen breast milk. But I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to make it at least the first full year without formula. And If I fell short I would use my stock pile to supplement the formula and not feel bad at all about it. I have nothing against formula feeding. But if I could breastfeed, and I could do it the year and I didn't have to buy formula, well then that's what I was gonna do.

I am a real lush. Or at least I was pre baby. The only times I didn't drink was when I was training hard. I would then self impose a no drinking time (usually 6 months or till race day). Other than that, I love to drink and I did it often. And right now today. I am SO grateful for this delicious, tasty, delightful, heavenly, divine, titillating, yummy glass of Cab.

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