Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Like Father Like Son

A while back I wrote about a couple of ways my son and I are a like. Now that he's a little older I can think of a few more things I could add, but this post is not about me and my little munchkin. It's about how Animal is also a lot like his father. 

Here's a fun little list of some of the ways that our 18 month old is like Daddy...
First time coloring
1. Art. Animal loves to look at art. He loves color. He loves to create. Some kids scribble a line or two and move on. Some scribble a whole page with one color and go. But some, some use all the colors in the box. We have lots of art supplies at home and I know it's just a matter of time before the hubby and Animal are painting together. The only crayons we've let him use so far are some fat double sided colors that came with a lion king coloring book. He used every color delighting in each line. It was so fun to watch, and I can see he's gonna be the kind of kid that fills page after page. Hopefully not wall after coffee table...

Music Lover

2. Music. Animal loves to listen to music. All kinds. He loves to make music. With any of instrument. Toy or real, he makes music. The glee in his eyes reminds me of his daddy. My husband loves music. He never learned to play an instrument, but he has incredible rhythm (he loves to dance too) and listens to such a wide range of music that it blows my mind. I'm excited see them share this love. 

Yeah, that's Bill Murray looking at you
"let's see, does this place have bacon?"
3. Restaurants. They both love to go out to eat. Does that mean I'm a terrible cook?  Animal loves to flirt with the cute waitresses and patrons, and the hubby likes to discreetly check them out. Animal loves to eat new foods and he especially enjoys eating off our plates. The hubby enjoys eating things that aren't the semi home made dinners I'm prone to making.

Whole Foods bacon is fat free, right?
4. Bacon. I don't know when the hubby's love of bacon first took hold of his cholesterol laden I'm guessing heart. Without any prompting and without my husband even offering it to our little guy, Animal insisted on trying the sweet strips of swine. And much to my chagrin, he fucking loves it.

5. Sports. Animal doesn't yet sit through a game, but when daddy watches football or basketball he is loud and animated, and Animal is right there. He stops playing and walks up to the TV or faces it and just starts giving it to the team. I love to see, I only wish I knew what he was saying. One Sunday morning, I know that I'm going to see Animal sitting on his daddy's lap watching a Bears game and cheering (or booing). I'm looking forward to lazy fall football Sundays we ALL can enjoy, but more than that, I'm waiting to take a snap shot of that moment when it begins, that moment that will be forever seared into my husbands heart.

I can't get down! HELP ME!
6. No Fear, No Pain. Well, no fear and no pain until something benign creeps in and all hell breaks loose. The hubby does all kinds of things, sometimes dangerous things. With no fear. But let us go hiking and don't let him see me climb a rock or he will flip the fuck out, because he imagines my clumsy ass plummeting to my early demise. He's flown off the back of a moving truck and gotten numerous concussions, without really missing a beat, but God forbid he get a cold. Anyway Animal does all kinds of dare devil shit, and constantly bangs himself up without batting an eye, but sit him in a chair with his feet two inches from the ground and he will flip out thinking he can't get down!

I can actually go on and on. Animal is like his daddy in so many ways. I wouldn't have it any other way.


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    1. Well rounded? I guesshe's just as often awesome as he is a brat...

    2. what can I say...I am a biased auntie.

    3. *I love that he actually has some of the best features and qualities from the both of you! He will make a face and look like Hubby, and the other times it will resemble you. You guys have a pretty well rounded child there!

  2. My son got his love of restaurants and bacon from his dad, too. That reminds me of a funny story- on his second birthday, we were out to breakfast, and the boy looked around and asked us, "Where's the mom?" meaning the waitress. Apparently, he was under the impression that all women are moms. Too cute.

    1. That is too cute! Isn't it fun when you get a glimpse into how they see the world?

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