Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Thoughtful Guys

Beautiful Flowers

Delicious and Healthy meal
A favorite 
My husband is a thoughtful guy. When he decides he's going to make a romantic gesture, he really thinks about it. He thinks about the person (mostly me) and what that person wants (or better yet needs). He plans every detail about how he will execute said gesture down to the last detail. He will not relinquish or outsource any part of his gift.

perfect pairing
When the hubby buys me flowers, he doesn't just go down to a florist and grab an arrangement. He picks all the flowers, and all the greenery that will go in the arrangement. The bunch pictured above was from this Valentine's day, when he gave to me he said, "I'm sorry I know they don't really pop". So weird to hear a guy say, but really it was the least fun color pallet he's ever gifted me. Super beautiful still, and I'm old fashioned in this way. I LOVE flowers.

Next my hermit husband spent some time talking to the sommelier (not sure if that's the right term since he doesn't wait on table) at Whole Foods. To pick a bottle of wine that I would really enjoy and a bottle that would compliment the meal he had decided to cook. When I got home with our son he was putting the finishing touches on a scrumptious (but calorie conscious) meal (because I'm on weight watchers).

This wasn't the first or only time he was thoughtful. He does that sort of thing randomly.

Once I came home from a staff dinner on a night we were going out to a club with some friends and I wondered how I would have time to both get ready and find something to wear. When I walked in the door, the hubby surprised me with a whole new outfit, including the perfect scarf and heels to compliment the great ensemble.

I came home one day and found Christmas lights strung up over the head of the bed in the shape of a heart.

On my birthday one year he declared that it was my birthday for a week. Everyday for a week, he did something sweet and kind to celebrate my birthday.

When I come home from work, he's waiting outside the garage to get Animal out of the car seat and carry him upstairs.

Most nights since he gets home just a little bit before Animal and I, he's picked up the living room so it doesn't look like a tornado has just struck it (like when we leave in the morning). He's often also made Animals crib for him and layed the boppy on the chair where I nurse our son so that our bedtime routine is prepped.

When we realized one night that Animal's PJs were getting snug and most of the Pjs I had purchased were 2T instead of 18 months like he needs, he ran out and bought him several pairs that same night.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who is lucky enough to have a unselfish partner, but because I'm only good at day to day (boring) thoughtfulness and a disaster at trying to be clever and smooth. I wanted to say thanks and to tell you a little about the thoughtful guy I'm fortunate enough to be married to.