Saturday, March 9, 2013

HELP ME! Help Someone Else

Ok guys, remember I wrote about some heavy shit I was thinking about?Well...


I received this email from a friend, her brother is doing the super awesome Aids/Life Cycle, have you ever heard of it?  AIDS/LifeCycle is a fully supported, 7-day bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles to raise money and awareness in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Every year, this landmark ride through beautiful California delivers a life-changing experience for thousands of participants from all backgrounds and fitness levels united by a common desire to do something heroic. I have always wanted to participate, but I went to a meeting once and the amount of money you are committing to raise, is just completely daunting to me. So I have never signed up. Also I like a fun bike ride as much as the next guy, but 7 days? Not for me. Here is my chance to contribute to this amazing thing that I care about thought I, and I thought maybe I'm not the only one that would like to help me, help someone else do something to help his fellow man. If you are interested in donating to this young man who is actively trying to make difference in someone's life Click Here (also you can see for yourself what this money will do).


When Animal was born I had this moment some 24 hour cycle shortly after he was born (there are no such things as days and nights for the mother of a new born) where I realized he had used 20 diapers in 24 hrs. He usually averaged 12-16, but this day 20. We were so fortunate to have so many wonderful family and friends that gifted us with so many newborn and size one diapers that we only had to purchase two newborn packs (because he was a little guy so long) until he turned 2 months old. I can't tell you what a God send that was because I was on maternity leave and making considerably less and my hubby's company cut his hours, because he "he missed (2.5 days) and would be missing more" he had already asked for some holiday time, and since the company pays for health insurance for full time employees it "wouldn't be worth the cost, with him missing so many hours". Assholes. Anyway, it got me thinking, we were struggling, but I would be back to work soon. We have family that would help us out if we needed it. What does a parent do when they don't have anyone and they don't make a decent living? I got so depressed thinking about it as I nursed my son. Every time I changed his diaper I would want to cry for all those families that don't know how they're going to pull the money together to buy another pack of diapers. I promised myself that if I ever had extra money I would buy diapers to give to Sacred Heart (who could pass the diapers on to families in need). I want to do more. We have a tight budget here (in my home I mean), but it doesn't keep me from wanting to help.

I have an idea, but I need some help. I don't know how to execute such a thing. 

When I run the half marathon in October, I would like to ask people to help me, help someone else by purchasing a pack of diapers, any size. Or simply contributing an amount to purchase a box. If 100 people give one dollar, that's a lot of diapers and most of us can do a dollar right? Anyway I would deliver the boxes to Sacred Heart, or possibly find other organization's that help out moms, families, children in need. How can I organize this? How do I ask? Do I make fliers? Send email? Just ask? I was thinking of contacting one of the places I was thinking of making the donation of diapers to and maybe they could help me figure it out, but I thought I would come to you all first. Maybe one of you or someone you know has done this sort of thing before and know how to do it. If you have any suggestions, please email me.


I'm going to run the half, with my running partner (my dad). We log a lot of miles gearing up to this event, and truth be told this event is leading to us running our first full marathon. Last year my dad logged over 500 miles, and we plan to run more in the coming year. He wants to ask people to sponsor his miles, in any monetary way they like. A dollar a mile, 5 bucks for every 50, you get the idea. So that he can give 100 percent of that money to someone, some family in need for something tangible that will make a difference in that moment for that person. Or maybe a struggling food bank. He needs ideas too. 

Thanks. If you can help us brainstorm and get this off the ground in the next few months, we would both like to start when we register for the half mid May, we would be so grateful.

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