Monday, March 25, 2013

My Hubby, Wes Anderson & Me

The Hubby has brought many things into my life. Most notably, Love, Drama, and Animal. (I had to capitalize them all because they are all big deals) There is something else he brought into my life. Wes Anderson

Now I'm sure I would have stumbled upon him at some point. When it comes to Indy films, I don't live under a rock like I do with almost all other sorts of pop culture. But who knows when that would have happened? It would have likely been years down the line.

He first introduced me to this man:

Max Fisher

The Hubby has a certain affection for this character because, while not a child writing prodigy, he too felt a certain love for his school. He felt at home. Within family. At his peak and in his element there. He wasn't so much a writer as an artist, but his school was his playground and where he did a lot of growing.

He was friends with teachers there, still is with some.

I'm not sure what other similarities he feels they share. The hubby had terrific luck with the ladies and was considerably older than Max.

I loved this movie so much, that the hubby decided that I had to watch his first film.

Bottle Rocket

I loved this movie. It's one of my favorite's. I love the dialogue. I love the look. I love the rhythm and the music.

Then this movie came out:

Quality time.

The Royal Tenenbaums. This movie was also beautiful. The color pallet, the shots, the cinematography! It's simply striking. The characters are rich, exaggerated, and fun. The story is over the top, but the family dynamics are real and touching. At this point I had become as big a fan as my husband. The attention to detail is impeccable. We started a family tradition that continues to this day. After enjoying a delicious Thanksgiving dinner the hubby cooks, and having a few cocktails we watch a Wes Anderson film.
Can I just say if nothing else, this film is beautiful. 

When this movie came out, we went to go watch it with my brother. Another person the hubby shared Wes with. I enjoyed this movie, like all of the previous films it was breathtaking on so many levels. The hubby and my brother though, they loved this movie. The hubby once again identified with the one of the characters. Steve Zissou and the hubby are kindred spirits. 

Then the following year this:

The Darjeeling Limited
This movie is about three brothers on a trip to visit their mother before attending their father's funeral. It was honestly just gorgeous. The soundtrack, splendid, maybe, possibly the first soundtrack I ever asked for. This became my favorite Wes Anderson movie. Which is kind of impossible, to pick a favorite I mean. It's just that the colors in this film are so vivid. The story is touching. The rhythm as usual was pitch perfect. I was transported into another world, and I love movies that can do that.

Then a few years later, as if made for us this movie opened on Thanksgiving day:

It couldn't have been more perfect. This movie was awesome. I remember thinking, one day when I have kids I will show them this movie. Now that Animal is here, I think when he's old enough in a few Thanksgivings we'll watch this together and a new Wes Anderson fan will be born. The hubby was livid when this did not win best animated film.

Then when my son was a few months old, this movie came out:

ah, young love
This movie was the most age appropriate coming of age story that I've seen in a long time. The opening song in this movie was absolutely awesome. I know I just keep gushing on and on about this director and his films, but I really love them.

When this movie came out I heard a reviewer saying, that this movie was ok, but like with all Wes Anderson movies it would be divisive, with two camps. One camp where Anderson fans would  love it and gush all over it. The second camp would be full of people that (not Anderson fans) would hate it.

I was shocked by that.

I was under the impression that there were two kinds of people. Wes Anderson fans, and people who had never seen a Wes Anderson film.

Thanks to my hubby, I'm in the fan category.


  1. Oh hell yes. Wes is the BEST! The Royal Tenenbaums is my favorite.

  2. I could never get into these movies - they belong in the category of "movies my husband likes"

    1. BUT they are beautiful, aren't they?

      side note; things I have in common w/your hubby:
      1) Redskins!
      2) Wes Anderson
      3) thinking you're Awesome

  3. Love, love, love! And I love that your brother loves them as well! It always help when small, but significant aspects in life. are in common.

  4. I'm completely out of touch. I've never heard of Wes Anderson and I still haven't seen The Royal Tennenbaums. I need to get schooled! :)

    1. Well, I think you'll enjoy, but I think everyone would enjoy. I think Rushmore or The Fantastic Mr. Fox, are great first introductions...

  5. I didn't like The Royal Tenenbaums, but I watched it a long time ago. Maybe I should give it another shot!

    1. Or try another Anderson flick, they all have the same kind of look, rhythm, style, but maybe it was that particular story that wasn't your cup of tea...

  6. I remember my first Wes Anderson flick like it was yesterday. My hubbie and I inadvertently wound up staying in a crappy backpacker's hostel in a Melbourne neighborhood known for its derelicts. From that tiny little movie house we were transported from the memory of the shitsville hostel for a couple of hours. Walked out huge Wes Anderson fans. And we hardly noticed the pan-handling junkies as we walked back to the hostel in the dark. Thanks for taking me back to that weirdly, lovely evening :)

    1. :) sounds like you guys watched it in perfect place to be transported!