Monday, March 4, 2013

Beep Beep

My Car by Byron Barton is Animal's favorite book. He brings it to me at least 10 times a day. Then he crawls in my lap and puts his head against my cheek as I read.

I have this moment where I float over my body and watch the two of us. I try to take mental photographs of these moments. I know someday I'm going to wish I could have one of these moments back.

Right now though, there's this part of me that is like, "Ahhh, not again". I have read this book like a 100 times already, just this week. I have it memorized and honestly I kind of think, why isn't Animal "reading" it to me. I'm sure he knows exactly what's coming next.

I've told you all about my frustrations with his non existent vocabulary.


He doesn't say "no" anymore. He still says mom, randomly, not to me. He says "Da!" which I'm 99% sure he is saying to the hubby, because he points to our bedroom door every morning and says Da, when we walk by, and when the hubby finally stumbles out of bed, Animal stops nursing sits up, says Da and starts babbling to his father.

He also says "gua, gua", when he wants water. Short for agua, water in spanish. He says "ello" about 30% of the time when he pretends to talk on the phone or when he's really excited at meeting someone his age at the playground. Occasionally he'll say "nom, nom" when we're about to eat. That's the extent of his vocabulary at this point.

Unlike a few months ago, I'm not so worried or stressed about it anymore. It is what it is. He's going to be talking soon enough, or I'll see some signs of a problem in the next year and will take the appropriate action then. Thankfully Animal will soon be an age I know well and I can stop second guessing myself at every turn and milestone.

So, besides The Car, he also loves for me to sing the wheels on the bus, and I am noticing a slightly disturbing (to me) trend. When I sing or read "beep, beep" Animal is watching my mouth closely and is mouthing along. The words are not escaping him yet, but he's paying close attention. I know soon enough he will try to actually vocalize the words. I should be thrilled to see this.

Instead, all I can think is "Fuck, he's going to be going around going, Beep, Beep!, How is that going to help him communicate!?!"


  1. Oh, this is so sweet. Aren't those moments the most precious? I have those feelings too, like I know I'm going to want one of those moments many years down the road, so I drink them in. I got M2 two Dr. Seuss books today and he was so excited to read them. We snuggled, he put his head on my shoulder, hugged his stuffed Yertle the Turtle and we read the book. Bliss! *sniff* ;)

    1. awww, those are some of the best moments. It's so unfair that we can't really put those away for a rainy day. It really is bliss!

  2. Mine was obsessed with a Thomas book. I used to recite the whole thing at parties to impress childless people... I don't think they were impressed.

    1. I think you're right. That only impresses other parents.