Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Stoli with Pomegranate an Amateur Review

SO this would not usually qualify for my cheap drink reviews, but two weeks ago this bottle was on  sale for 5.99 at Trader Joe's. As soon as I drove back to work I regretted not buying two more bottles. This was a limited item sale. I kicked myself immediately after driving away and tweeted this picture with those exact sentiments, as soon as I stopped driving, but enough about what I SHOULD have done.

I'm gonna be honest, I have always been partial to gin and tonics. The hubby on the other hand is all about the vodka tonics and Stoli is his shit. We always have a bottle in the freezer. So I bought this for him. 

I opened the bottle and it smelled sweet and delicious. I got excited. I made a vodka and ginger ale. It was rather tasty. But the following weekend I had vodka tonics and YUM, I may be a convert. This vodka costs 16.99 at BevMo, but it's super good (90pts for those of you who care about such things and 80 proof). My bottle's gone. It's a tragic turn of events as it is my current favorite spirit. 


  1. Man, this looks SO SO great!! Just about enough to convince me to drive the 20-mile round trip to the one place I am sure it would be! :-)

    1. It is! they have blueberry and green apple too. Totally worth it (the drive and cost), but buy more than one if your more than a casual drinker. I was SO sad (and I hadn't even purchased for myself...