Thursday, October 18, 2012

This Halloween

I love Halloween. 

As I kid I loved it because of the costumes parades and class party (yippie to no class work), and of course the trick or treating, candy and haunted houses.

Later I loved the drinking at Halloween parties, horror movies, Halloween themed episodes of my favorite sitcoms and passing out candy to the kiddies. But I hated coming up with costume ideas, because I'm just not original. Then in walked the hubby and my Halloween costume creativity went up like a hundred points. I only had to come up with the idea and he did the rest. It was awesome.

Mostly I loved Halloween because it was the kick off to the holiday season. And I LOVE the holidays. I love everything about the holidays. Everything, the decorations, the cooking, the drinking, the over packed schedule, the shopping, the drinking, the Christmas card writing, holiday movies, trips to see family and old friends, and the drinking. 

This Halloween is different. Last Halloween having just given birth the week earlier the hubby and I were in a sleepless, loved filled daze for the entirety of the holiday season. We didn't even put up a tree. This year however is our chance to start our family traditions. A chance to share the fun with Animal. 

We thought long and hard about what he would be this Halloween. Yoda, Darth Vadar, a ninja, Keith Moon...then it hit us. It was obvious, Animal had to be, well, Animal from the Muppets. It was perfect. He'd been practicing his whole life. And he was perfect for the part.

We sent these photos to Animal's aunt.

Two weeks ago she came so Animal could have a fitting. The costume is amazing, a million times better than the one you can order from amazon. He even wore the head piece and let me take him next door to see our neighbor. I have high hopes now that he will wear his costume, and I can't explain the excitement I feel over the whole thing. 

What makes this Halloween different, better than any other is my son, and the warmth that washes over me when I think of the coming holiday season. Also this year, Halloween doesn't kick off the holiday fun. This year Animal's first birthday will be the beginning of my holidays. 

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  1. YES, PLEASE post picks! I'm a muppet lover. I must see this!!!!

  2. Yes. We need to see pics!!!

  3. We had a Muppet wedding! Please post a picture!

    1. A Muppet Wedding!?! Now I have to see pictures! I promise to do update with pictures after Halloween :)

  4. Animal is the best Muppet, after Fozzie :-). I have a fondness of a big furry fat bear who does stand that sondes really gay right there....