Monday, October 22, 2012

Lacing Up The Running Shoes

It's not always easy to get up early when the weather is cold and the bed and your dosing partner are so warm. So how does one get the motivation to jump crawl out of bed and lace up those running shoes? If you're in need of a little extra kick in the pants (also very motivating). Here's a short list of the things I think/listen to/do to get me out of bed and on the track.

1. Cardio, Cardio, Cardio. When the zombie apocalypse comes, I'll be ready to run! Only downer is whatever band of misfits we end up with, I'll have to do all the run into town missions and we all know not everyone comes back from those.

2. Ok Go, has a song I love. Television, Television it's called. I warn you this is totally shallow but the lyrics that pump me up are, "Look at the hottie in the tight jeans    Look at the pipe dreams    Look at the fat man burst at the seams". I want to be that hottie and not the fat man. (Maneater by Nelly  Furtado is also good) That means lots of miles. Because I love to eat and drink. Especially drink and there's no such thing as healthy drinking. Best I can do is diet drink with a shot of something.

3. My borrowed motto, "the strong get stronger". I feel weak all the time. But when I get through something. I hill, a series of hills, a pain, a disappointment, a health scare, labor and delivery, I know I'm strong. And the strong, get stronger. It's a motto I hope to pass onto Animal.

4. Get a running partner. Having a commitment to meet someone for your run guarantees you get ass out of bed. (unless your a sucky running partner) Also it's safer to run in pairs.

5. Lastly, I may not have the body I want right now. But no way is some stupid skinny bitch gonna out run me. I know it's lame and shallow. But sometimes lame and shallow things are the best motivators. I can only hope one day some twenty something year old sees me and thinks "look at that old lady, she's lapping me. If she can do it, so can I!"

Hope one, or more of these are helpful to you. Good luck and Happy Trails!

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