Saturday, October 20, 2012

Funny People

No, I'm not talking about the Adam Sandler movie. I'm just thinking about funny people in general. We all know some. I just happen to be surrounded by them.

It makes sense I guess because I have always loved to laugh. Since as far back as I can remember I have loved to laugh, the harder the better. As often as possible. I have a good sense of humor i think . I enjoy stand up comedy over almost any other type of entertainment. Even as a kid, I loved Sinbad and HBO's One Night Stand. I learned how to program a VCR as a kid so that I could watch SNL, One Night Stand re runs and One Night At The Apollo. I love funny movies, and writing. I basically only follow funny blogs.

My Siblings are funny, in a sarcastic witty way. My husband who I have been friends with since high school cracks me up. I fell in love with his laugh before I loved anything else about him. He has one of those laughs that comes straight from the gut and is so genuine that I find it infectious. I work with children, who are naturally funny and most of my friends are also funny.

I am not. Don't get me wrong, I have my moments i think , but there more in a "she's so honest/clumsy/ditsy" kind of way. When I started this blog I did it because I love to write and wanted the writing practice. And in order to have a think tank/commitment to do so I had to join a group of bloggers and well blog. I always secretly wanted one anyway. Plus I read so many blogs now and the Aries in me is just like, "if I write it they will read it".

But It's really intimidating for me, because I am not funny, and in this TT group there are some really funny bloggers. Some of whom I have been  following for a while and some I just discovered. But I am fast becoming a fan of. So where does that leave an unfunny person?

I contacted a friend of ours who is a college English professor (and really funny, go figure) and asked her how I too could become a funny writer. She advised me to "read lots of stuff you think is funny and it will rub off". I told her I have already been reading lots of funny things and it is NOT working. Then she said "who is the audience and how do you know you aren't funny?" So I told her, I have never been described as funny. No one ever says, "have you met my friend Running Mama, she's so funny" or anything to that nature. So I know.

"Aww. But real is often funny. Super honest. That's you." was her response. So I thanked her for not helping me  and then she said "Kids are naturally hilarious as is your husband. Report the truth! Just use a lot of direct quotes!" Finally some help. I thought this could work. I mentioned to my funny husband he may see me taking notes during our future interactions. He asked why. I told him about Funny teachers advice and he said "who's funny? me?" Which is what he always says when ever someone describes him as funny. Which happens all the time, which is how I know that funny people are described as such to their faces. And that's always his response, like it's the first time he's ever heard it, and so, it's a surprising remark. Sometimes funny people are annoying.


  1. My most-liked Facebook posts are always the quotes from my son. He's the funniest person I know. I'll add another piece of funny-advice: complain. I know I'm at my funniest when I'm complaining, and a lot of other blogs are, too. If you hate something, you should post about it (also use a lot of swears and analogies).

    1. Thanx, yours was one of the only blogs I read pre TT ans one of 3 bookmarked on my phone!

      I need Animal to start talking so I can quote him. But Complain. I can do ;0

  2. I'll read a piece of Drew Magary's writing to get into a goofy, funny mood before writing if I'm not feeling it. He's just right up my alley as far as sense of humor goes!

    Congratulations on starting your blog! I hope you're enjoying writing. It is so cathartic!

    1. I don't know why it happens so often to me, I forgot to hit reply. my reply is below

  3. ahhh MADIM!

    thanx for tip, and I do love to write it :-D