Saturday, October 6, 2012


Like most people I can't seem to live without my phone. I'm absolutely panicked if I miss place it for any given amount of time. God forbid I leave the house without it or a room in my home for that matter. It's become as important to me as my right hand while literally attached to said hand. I have both come to love and hate this modern day gadget with whom I could not imagine doing without.

How do I love thee...Let me count the ways:

1. I love the online capabilities. While pregnant I researched everything baby/pregnancy/labor and delivery thing my little heart fancied. Now I keep up with all my favorite blogs, shop amazon, check/write emails. And Google every freaking thing that I ever wonder about.

2. The Apps! I do everything from track my runs to my period. No joke, I use my phone to know when it's time to hit CVS for some tampons (a girl needs to be prepared). Among my favorites are Google books (used that one to purchase best sleep training book ever, Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child and read it at any free moment) Amazon, Weekly Ads, Pandora and the one I absolutely could not do without google maps/navigation. Granted occasionally it sends me to completely wrong location (but I would have gotten lost without it anyway) but at least I could use map to find my way to the right spot. Luckily I DO know how to read a map.

3.  And of course for the teenage girl inside of me and the multi-tasking adult. I love that I have a phone to take care of business shoot the shit with friends at any time. Car broke down? No need to walk to a pay phone what's that? just call a tow truck and the shop your gonna tow it to. Some stupid Beezee did something ridiculously funny in front of you call your hubby and share. Baby did / the cutest thing ever! Call everyone. Everyone that will pretend to give a shit that is.

4. Texting. It's like passing notes in high school.

5. Camera/Video. I never have to miss a kodak moment when I always have my phone. I can share in at least ten ways and I can relive favorite moments any time. Like when I'm having a super shitty day. I can open up albums and scroll through shots of Animal eating peas and have an instant pick me up.

How do I hate thee....Let me count the ways

1. Auto fucking correct! I think and type fast. But the fucking auto correct is constantly changing my words. Even when I'm careful to press each letter individually it still fucking decides I must of meant racist instead of easiest! WTF that doesn't even make sense, but it fucking happened to me earlier this week. And it happens all the time when I'm answering emails or commenting on my favorite blogs. If I forget to proof read before I hit send or publish God only knows what non sense Auto correct decides I mean. I sound like a complete moron half the time ok three quarters of the time, i hate to proof read.

2. Texting. Sometimes I read something and add hostility that isn't there to a message. I get all worked up answer something equally hostile (I think) and before I know it, I'm fighting with the hubby or a friend.

3. The ridiculously high price of a phone. I could buy a laptop for the price of my phone and it would cost less per month to operate. Also if I break my phone, even though I pay for stupid insurance it costs what I think is an absurd amount of money for my company to send me a fucking refurbished phone! That will break and have to be replaced through no fault of my own leaving me with no phone how can I live without my right hand  for 2-3 days. It's a lose lose.

4. Lastly, I hate how dependent I am on a little electronic gadget that is probably giving me brain cancer. I'm embarrassed by how silly I can be with my phone. Um maybe I have found my new years resolution early. Sometimes, just sometimes step away from the phone at least keep it in my purse like a same person. .


  1. I remember the days where you had to memorize all of your friends phone numbers....

    1. That goes on both sides of my list. it's great to just hit call button. But if I'm ever w/o my phone I can only call my mom (they have the same number from when I was kid) and the hubby (possibly having to try two versions of what I'm sure is his #)