Friday, November 8, 2013

What We Are Reading: Spot Goes To School

Two weeks ago we were getting Animal ready for his first day of school. We started with a visit to his classroom, and then we started reading books about starting preschool. We don't always read books that are timely with real life events, but I couldn't think of a good way to introduce the idea of school to a boy with limited life experience.

His favorite by far was: Spot Goes to School by Eric Hill. Spot is a lovable puppy (who you have probably already met if you have a toddler) with simple, fun stories that let children relate and enjoy real life experiences in a whimsical way, he (Spot) fast becomes a toddler favorite.

We have read this story a minimum of three times a day for the last  two weeks. This book is a lift the flaps book, which are very popular for the two and under crowd.

The first few times we read he couldn't help but look under the flaps as soon as I turned the page. Now with thirty plus times having heard the story, he patiently waits, little fingers itching to lift the flap, until I read the page. He's picked up a new word and laughs as he shows me what's under the flap. It's fun for both of us. Some books really benefit from you making silly voices, but the Spot books are very engaging with only a little enthusiasm from you.

There's also a website where you can have FUN WITH SPOT. Check it out, lots of information about the author, other titles, games for fun and learning and of course you can buy Spot books there.


  1. I remember those days. I bet I could still recite the boy's two favorite books, no problem.

  2. What a fun post! I love when writers get versatile. Thanks for the suggestion; my boys are in preschool, too!

    1. Well I hope you enjoy my new little venture. I realize even with my experience in ECE, I have a lot of questions on how to make reading fun, and other reading concerns. This is going to be fun :)