Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Running Again

I'm back bitches! 

That's how it feels anyway. The dark clouds that has been looming over me clouding every moment seems to be parting and allowing some of the suns rays to poke through and warm me.

Last Monday I laced my running shoes up and met my dad for our first run together in weeks. We started slow. My left ankle was hurting, I didn't know from what, but I couldn't bare another day without feeling the cool air on my face. Legs carrying me forward, arms pumping, heart beating strong, mind clearing. 

That is just how it felt. I ran just over a mile and a quarter. The plan is to add a quarter more at time. Yesterday I ran a mile and a half. Still feeling good, more and more like myself again. No pain in my foot. I realized the other day it's time for new shoes, but that's no big deal. Soon.

The Tall Guy came with me this weekend and yesterday morning (my running partners out of town). He wants to do a 5K. I would love to help him get there. It will help me too. To help someone else always helps you.

This week on The Walking Dead, Hershel said, "A sad soul will kill you faster than a germ", and even though I'm not in the thick of a zombie apocalypse I would argue that is a true statement. My sad soul was killing me. Now that I can run again, I can shake that sad soul and get back to living in the sunshine. One mile at a time.


  1. You GO!! Proud of you for getting out there!

    1. Thanks Shay, somehow I missed this comment. Until now.