Friday, June 5, 2015

What We Are Reading: The Help

Like most moms, I spend a fair amount of time worrying about lots of things. Some important, but mostly, like most of moms, about the little things. 

I started this section on my blog because I feel I have some insights in this area, that can help other moms. Just as importantly however because I have questions of my own.

Books have always been some of my best friends. Sadly, since becoming a mommy I find that they are  some of my most neglected friends. 

Sure I read, a chapter hear, a book cover there. Blogs galore, articles on various topics of interest; What to feed my toddler. How to know if your child loves you. How to stop aggressive behavior. How to stay connected as a couple. Things that could be secretly ruining my relationship. You get the picture.

I also take a lot of quizzes. Mostly from Buzzfeed and BabyCenter. A few weeks ago, I took one: Are you doing everything you can to build a love of reading in your child. I took it, because even though I'm pretty sure I'm nailing it, I'm a sucker for anything that can cause self doubt. 

I did pretty well. Except on one question. Does your child see you reading. I read daily. (See above) The thing is, the articles, blogs, quizzes, they are ALL on my phone. So for all Animal knows I'm just playing with my phone. I have picked up all of three books since my sons birth. Three books in three years and I've read zero. 

That's right, I said Zero.

What a pitiful example I make. Sure I read to Animal, books by the dozen. But how often can he say mommy reads a story to herself, because she loves to read too? None.

I had to change that immediately. 

I started with (drumroll please). The Help by Kathryn Stockett. I wanted to read it after reading an interview with the author just before the movie came out. I watched it with a friend and really enjoyed it. She happened to mention that she had been waiting for some story lines she thought important,  but overall she still enjoyed. I was still pregnant when I watched, but at the time I was busy reading books about pregnancy and labor & delivery. No just because books, I was a busy girl then, with a strong agenda.

Well three and a half years later. I finally read it. Verdict? As usual the book was better than the movie.  All the same, the best part was curling up on the couch.  On Animals bedroom floor while he played. On the picnic table while he looked for bugs in the yard. Maybe especially nostalgic,  in bed way past my bedtime with my lamp on. I finished over a weekend, and Animal got to see mommy read for fun. 


  1. I loved the book and never saw the movie because so often, they just fall short. Here's to building a love of reading in our kids!

    1. The movie was good. The book was great. So good call Kristi. I've read so much (for myself) the last year and a half. Also out loud for my son. Post coming. Maybe it will save my writing!lol.